Incorrect Leap Year Challenge Processing

Hi James, I’ve had a good day out doing the Leap Year Challenge - I don’t think it’s recorded correctly on my walk. I’ve completed 32.69 miles and loads of roads, but it’s showing roads that I’ve passed the end of as being completed. eg Mushroom Lane, Manchester Road, Hallamshire Road, &c.
I have passed the end of them or completed some, but not all of the road, but they have all clocked up as completed.
I’ll leave that with you, I only do walking, I’m not that good with technology.

Challenge data is tough for me to work with, because I haven’t built anything to allow me to browse things in the site. I have to run database queries and collect data that way.

I collected all the completed street names for your activity, and I’m not seeing the three you mentioned. Did this get sorted out on its own somehow?

Congrats on winning, by the way! Leap Year Day - CityStrides