Incomplete nodes visible in activity but not on Lifemap

Hi, I noticed something unusual recently. A road on an activity was marked complete, as I had finished 10/11 nodes. I can see that node when I show the road on the activity screen (Avondale street):

But I don’t see that node when I access my full lifemap and click the node hunter magnifier.

I feel like the lifemap used to show all unfinished nodes, even if the street was marked as complete? Or am I misremembering?
I like to run all the nodes (even if the street is already complete), but if missing nodes aren’t visible in the lifemap, I may not remember it’s there next time I run in that area.

I know I could set my profile to hard mode, but I’ve already completed my hometown and I had to manually mark two streets that I feel are too dangerous to run. I’m too lazy/don’t know how to edit them in OSM, so I don’t really want to change my settings now. And I just think all incomplete nodes should be visible on the lifemap, even if the street is marked as complete.

Thoughts? Suggestions? help?

Well, I’m on hard mode now, but I’m pretty sure that if you’re not, then you can’t see those missing nodes on your Lifemap. I guess that’s kind if the point. If you are 100% it would be ”wrong” for the Lifemap to show red nodes…
That’s why we have Hard mode!

Yeah, that totally makes sense, but I could swear that I used to be able to see them. But I’ve also been know to be wrong on rare occasions :grinning:
I guess I could just toggle hard mode back and forth to find the nodes.
Thanks for your response.

Yeah, Node Hunter has been limited to incomplete streets since at least 2018.

I’d definitely suggest posting in City/Street/Node Issues and asking someone to make the edits for you.
You’ll need to provide links to the streets in CityStrides/OSM (or at least an OSM link that has the view focused over the street) along with its name & a description of what’s up … but there are a lot of helpful people around here who can help get you to the :100: you deserve!

Thanks James, I didn’t think to ask anyone else to help edit those nodes :woman_facepalming:
I would like to learn how to do it, it’s just a matter of getting myself to sit down and just do it (I’m also a little afraid to do it “wrong”).

You’re almost certain to do something wrong. The OSM culture is … particular.
There are self-selected people who oversee/manage/review edits in many areas, so we can be decently sure that if something is wrong we’ll hear about it & be able to make better edits in the future.

Some good tips to help ensure your edits are easy to work with:

  • Make a small number of edits each time you click the Save button … try not to edit a ton of things and then save all the changes at once
  • Only edit a small area at a time … try to stay within roughly one city area for each save
  • Keep an eye on notifications/messages within the site just in case someone is commenting on your edits & be responsive to comments/suggestions