In appreciation of the Route Builder

I only recently started using the route builder feature for paid supporters, and I think it is totally fantastic. I used to use Garmin’s route building feature (with Citystrides open in a separate window), but the features here, plus the node hunter makes it such a killer feature. By being able to download a gpx file, it’s so easy to share with friends and import into Garmin.

I am really impressed and thankful for all of James’ work.


Thanks! Yeah, I’ve also found it to be super useful. I like being able to see the distance while I’m building it, so I know that I’m not planning something I can’t handle.

I’m somewhat interested in getting them attached to cities, paired with some voting mechanism to bring out nice routes for people who are traveling. I’m also hesitant about the idea because of how these things usually go, with lists of hot garbage. :grimacing:

The other aspect that would be great to add is some amount of automation. Choosing a starting point and a distance, and letting it build something that completes as many streets as possible.

This is the original #ideas post/thread: Add a route suggester/builder


Speaking for myself, when I travel I have a few conflicting goals…

  • finishing streets
  • having a route distinct enough to see on a zoomed out map,
  • running pretty patterns (see Washington DC),
  • running nice paths,
  • running 400m tracks.

Automation is a very cool idea!

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It would be great if the route builder line wasn’t red since the nodes are red