Improvements to hiding shown street nodes

A couple of things I’d love to have to make my street node viewing experience more seamless!

  • I wish there were a button to hide all currently displayed nodes to quickly clear all shown nodes, instead of having to hide each shown street individually.
  • I wish the Show/Hide button changed colors when selected, to make it easier to quickly skim the list and see which ones are currently enabled
  • I think there is a bug where if you show the nodes for a street, then navigate to a different page on the streets list and navigate back, the street will have the ‘Show’ button, even though it is currently displayed and should have the ‘Hide’ button. When this happens, I have to click twice to hide: once to get it to say ‘Hide’ again, and again to actually hide it.

Updates on August 17, 2022 (Release 600) resolves your third note about the show/hide buttons not being correct after using pagination/search

The next release will include the color toggle (the ‘Hide’ version will be blue), and I’m still looking into the possibility of a “hide all” or “reset” option
Update: The next release will also include a “Hide All” option for streets and cities


Any possibility that we can get a “Hide All” button on the “Progressed” tab of an activity. Right now there is a “Hide All” button when you look at the “Completed” tab of an activity. This button hides all streets shown, both those selected under “Completed” and under “Progressed” (it is great that it hides all streets shown). However, it would be useful to have a similar button, in the same spot, in the “Progressed” tab.


:man_facepalming: Thanks - I missed adding it there, somehow. I’ll get that included in the next release.