Improve the logged-in homepage

I don’t really like catch-all / broad idea posts like this, but I think the logged-in homepage is bad enough that we just need to start here…

I’ve been thinking of the logged-in homepage as a kind of ‘dashboard’. Something that can give quick access to the info you need “right now”. The last few activities seem useful to me - a quick way to see what the recent activities have accomplished. Links to pinned cities seems good. Some list of others in the community seems nice - a simple way to see what others are accomplishing. I don’t think I’m really accomplishing that as best I can with the current list of people…

Things are best with your input, so let’s talk about what we do and don’t want to see on this logged-in homepage.

What stats/information of yours do you want to see at a glance?
What information of others are you interested in?
When you visit CityStrides, do you have a list of pages you visit? (e.g. Profile → city page → LifeMap)

I almost always follow direct links to my profile page or my lifemap. I cannot remember the last time I visited the logged in homepage on purpose.

One thing that might be interesting to add is either the “friends” list that is an ongoing idea, or maybe just the ability to pin other users to your homepage so that a link to their profile or their past few activities might show up?


A,list of Widgets you could select to use would be really nice, that way you could build a bespoke dashboard

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Same. Which brings up the possibility that the idea of a “logged-in homepage” goes away (it either always displays as the logged-out homepage, or if you’re logged in then you get redirected to your profile page) and all of the info that comes out of this conversation gets added to the profile page instead.

Pinned cities → pinned people is an interesting idea. My main concern with the friends/followers idea hinges around privacy - I do not want to screw this up for anyone.

Customizing it sounds great, but I need a collection of widgets to choose from first. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ll suggest some widgets next day or so​:+1::sunglasses:

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So I’d suggest the pick list of widgets should be based on the current menus available e.g
Recent Acttivity
Life Map
then depending on which and how many widgets you wanted on your dashboard the amount of info might need to be limited or appear as a thumbnail of the full version

I also spend most of my time in the profile and lifemap pages.
Some ideas for widgets:

  • progress graph: shows evolution of completion for month/year/first Run
  • opponent watch: show streets completed by period for selected striders
  • percentile rank by streets completed

Agree with JP, I don’t use the Home page at all and my bookmark is set to my profile page, most used page is my lifemap.

Concerns about privacy for following others is a good first instinct, but I’ve definitely enjoyed following new Striders in my area from getting to their Strava pages via CS. You could always do what Strava [eventually] did with Flybys - default opt-out and they opt-in if they choose…on the other hand I don’t think I’ve had a single Flyby since they changed that last year :sweat_smile:

I had to actually go and look, to come up with anything…
And the only thing that came to mind was to see my CS lifetime stats, via my tile. Since, as I glance at those on top of the “most completed” lists, and see their tiles, I wondered, “How many streets do I have now?”

I do like that my “RECENTLY COMPLETED STREET COUNTS” for the week and month are there. I’m so not worthy!

I don’t see privacy as too much of an issue here: anything that can be accessed and seen by navigating CS is fair game for widgets in my view.

Something that isn’t covered at all so far is striders as groups: which country/city has the most new striders, which has the highest streets/strider/time, that kind of thing.

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Personally I like seeing how I’m doing compared to others. Seeing the top 4 people in the last week or month doesn’t mean much to me. I go back to my leaderboard update suggestion that you could also use part of to integrate into a homepage. I would love to see my current ranking out of the total for the week, month, year, all-time or something similar.


Love the new look homepage! Could you add “total activities” to the list of info please?

Just to make sure I understand, you’re asking for a simple text display of e.g. “Activity count: 7377” just above the “Average distance” line?

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Hi exactly that, a simple total of all the activities

Looks good on PC and iphone, but not on my ipad

I was able to find a responsive design mode in my developer tools that looks roughly the same size as your screen shot. I adjusted the form fields under the chart to be laid out like the mobile form fields … same with the numbers in the bottom right.
That will go out in the next release (hopefully this evening).

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Just thinking, it’s good to have activities on the chart as well but perhaps should have a separate y-axis on the other side of the chart, which is currently unused? As is, my activities flatline at the bottom of the chart. Attached is a pic of my current chart and an Excel mockup of what I’m suggesting:


Would those additional points on the graph be hyperlinks to the activity? Would be cool to jump to a “peak” and see that stride.