New Leaderboards

I would create a separate page for leaderboards. Showing just 4 people for the current week or month is less motivating than a more robust separate page for the leaders based on a multitude of options. I give some options below.

Have tabs or dropdowns selectors for:

  • All time completed road leaders (maybe show the top 50) then show your ranking and percentile. For example I might be 453 out of 1200 (top 37%)
  • Do the same as above but for the current month and/or rolling last 30 days (Strava has that monthly distance challenge for example with your ranking and the top people)
  • Do the same for the current year and/or rolling 12 months.
  • Obviously the same applies the the current week as well since you have that already
  • Have a leader board that shows your ranking for friends (assuming that comes) by year/month/all time

I like it. When I look at the main page, and see the top 4 Striders for the week and the month, I often wonder, “Where am I in the lists?”

I was surprised the titles, i.e. “MOST COMPLETED STREETS IN THE LAST WEEK” and “MOST COMPLETED STREETS IN THE LAST MONTH” were not links to see the FULL weekly and monthly leader-board.

If the full leader-board is implemented, it would be good to be able to “Jump to me…” or maybe the page shows the top 10, numbered 1 through 10, but the 11th row is actually one’s own position, and maybe the total number of Striders in the list. Not sure if showing the last person’s name would be cool, but I’d like to also (at least) see the number of Striders in the list (to calc percentile).

Strava has already sort of done the usability testing for you for how to implement leaderboards. Not that it has to look exactly like theirs but its a good starting point. I was commenting in another thread thats related is that this really depends on fixing the duplicate street bug as well. The leaders are consistently people that get 2-4 streets for one street run. Thats usually when I pop into the leaderboards, when I’m running an area that counts for multiple towns and all my roads count twice.

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I’m going to add a vote in here for a leader board for all-time streets completed. I recently crossed the 10,000 streets completed mark and I’m curious where I am compared to other striders.

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Pretty sure you rank 2.
Only ever seen one other with over 10.000 streets, Krzysztof Kasprzyk

There is an old leaderboard that was “removed”.
I’ll share the super secret link, if you promise not to tell anyone else about it :wink:


@hjkiddk, is that secret link still working? Does not seem to load for me. Thank you

Still works, just very slow. Probably why it was removed.

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Thanks! Wow @dallas.devries, I had no idea! Well done!