I'm top 3 in my city, but I don't show up with leaders

I’ve run 31% of Cambridge, MA, US. I would expect to be in the leaders list, but I am not, and I am wondering why. I’ve tried looking both while logged in and logged out.

Any insight is appreciated. I infer from the URL that my CityStrides user id is 4546, if that helps.

(And sorry for any naïveté on protocol here. I’m brand-new to this forum.)


Ahh, I see…

The leaderboard only displays the top Strider for each city, as long as they’ve also completed at least 30% of the city. So if you go to the Leaderboard and search for Cambridge, you’ll see Jason is representing that city. If you jump over to the Cambridge page, you’ll see he’s the top Strider, at 66%.

You must unseat Jason!

I’m not :heart: with this behavior - I probably chose this because it’s easier on the database :nerd_face: - so let me know if you’re interested in some other Leaderboard structure like “top 3 in each city” or something. I can see arguments against this “single top Strider” display, because it’s finite - as soon as someone completes the city, there’s (currently) no way to ‘beat’ them…

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Thanks for the reply, James. I hadn’t meant the leaderboard, but rather the city page as you pointed out. I was not appearing on that page, either. But I am now!

In the meantime since my first post, I figured it out (I think). I had had my Runkeeper privacy settings such that only “Friends” could see my activity stats. I’m guessing that that was the issue. I changed that setting to “Everyone”, and now I appear. (It took several days to happen, but I’m there.)

Competitive instincts satisfied. Thanks!

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Hey, I’ve noticed that if you go to the City X via your profile page you won’t appear in the leaderboard, it only shows ‘other striders in that city’. However, if you go via the city page it will show you in the leaderboard.
For example I’m currently leading Cardiff, Wales with 21% as you can see here Bellegarde, Occitanie - CityStrides but if you click on Mike Haworth - CityStrides I don’t appear (this may be different as you’re obviously not logged in as me).

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Oh, yeah, that’s odd now that I look at it again…

The idea is that you’re at the top of the page for the link with “users/4311” in it & all the other Striders are in that list. Whereas in the other page, it’s just a generic city view - it’s not tied to your particular user.

:thinking: maybe that should be different…

The idea was that you would want to look at a city from your perspective- which streets need to be completed, your progress, etc. If you were just somewhere in the leaderboard list, it would be more difficult to find yourself / your progress.

Maybe you should also appear in the list of Striders, to preserve context - so you can easily view the list & know that you’re in third place or whatever.

I seem to be having a similar issue. I have run 48% of my City (Troy, Michigan: Curlew, Iowa - CityStrides) but I don’t show up at all in the “Striders” panel of that page. Even when I’m logged out I can’t see anything, so I don’t think it is only showing me “other” striders. Is my profile set to private or something? I can’t find any options for it.

It might be the privacy settings on the app that you use to send data to CityStrides. I’m not certain, but I think that changing my RunKeeper privacy settings was what made me show up.