I'm new - waiting for my activity to log

I’m new - I connected my garmin, did a walk (activity type: “other”). It’s in connect.garmin.com,

but I don’t see anything in Completed Streets of Lifemap.

I tried clicking Sync Now.

I paid a bit so I’m a supporter now.

I tried using “Sync Missing Garmin Activity” for today, and queued the sync.

Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?


It’s shown now - in Garmin connect, I changed the privacy to “everyone” (from “only me”) and I changed it’s type from “other” to “walking”. I’m assuming one of those two things was the problem.

Welcom, have fun :slight_smile: yes privacy setting is one of the problems. Citystrides logs walking and running no other workouts especially not biking

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It’s the other → walking change that did it.

CityStrides only imports running/walking (and variations, like hiking etc).
You can change your privacy back if you’d like - that has no bearing on imports.


@11e9d84250865749caac Which Garmin do you have? I have the FR235, which does not have a “walk” option built in, so I am now using the “Simple Walk” app (free, but w/ donation request, not crippled at all though), which allows me to skip the edit step.

FYI, same guy, jim_m_58, also has apps for hiking too.


PS. Welcome!