I seem to have gained lots of streets unexpectedly

Just noticed I seem to have gained about 700 streets all of a sudden!

I think others may have gained some “for free” too.

Is there a duplication issue as recall seeing some twice in my recent runs.

I’ve added a number of new cities. Perhaps it’s the addition of Greater London that added to your count…

This pairs with the open issue of “container” cities adding to counts… :frowning: I really need to sort that out…

Ah could be - I would have certainly run in Greater London as only live just outside.

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Ah, this also explains why the activity I did today showed each street completed and progressed twice - one is the local borough street, and the other is the Greater London street. (Greg Wesson 🐐💙's Activity on June 17, 2020 - CityStrides).

@JamesChevalier - will we always see two streets completed, or once the import is finished will it display only once (even though both the smaller borough and larger container of Greater London would both have the same street)?

That’s something I need to figure out. In the meantime, streets will appear duplicated.

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