I lost a bunch of streets

I lost a bunch of streets and will lose more as cities update. Someone turned the highway I live off of to a Trunk Road. Its a US highway. But it changes to small residential and business streets as it goes threw each town. Plus large sections have a path/sidewalks along it. I have ran almost all of it.
The area is US highway 12 in Minnesota
@zbrown4 do you have any idea or input with this?

Your total count may go down, but your percentage complete for your city will either remain or increase. That doesn’t help you much if you’re looking to increase your place in the global standings, but if you’re just looking in your city then others are having the same experience.

Maybe people who are good with OSM editing can help you get the safe sections re-added…

Many of these “trunk” streets need to still be in CityStrides. I lost atleast 10 streets that I have ran because of this change. I know you said about OSM. But this is also a CityStrides issue as i remember from other posts that you were not going to include trunk roads. But i read the wiki about this recent OSM change and they are making the highways (US and State) trunk roads. The person that made the change didn’t make then foot yes.
So my major question if by me marking them as foot yes will i get the street back?
Example would be Montrose, MN nelson street. I cant link it anymore because its gone.

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:thinking: There might be a discussion of whether or not Nelson Blvd is highway=trunk

The example photo for ‘trunk’ roads in Tag:highway=trunk - OpenStreetMap Wiki does not look like a walkable area. Way: ‪Nelson Boulevard‬ (‪661564684‬) | OpenStreetMap is one of its sections in OSM, which doesn’t seem like it could match anything close to the example.

That said, if a Way is tagged highway=trunk then it will currently be skipped in CityStrides regardless of any other tags. I’m not yet sure how to build a query that’s effectively “nothing tagged trunk, unless it’s also tagged as ok on foot”

Ugh thats why i am so frustrated. When you go threw a small town there is always a “main street” tgese are totally runable, have different names and shouldn’t be discounted.
I do need someone who knows OSM more. As I am not super knowledgeable other than basuc edits.

This is the wiki link Minnesota/Minnesota highway classification/Proposal about Motorways and Expressways Version 2 - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Number of streets is fun to watch, but at the end of the day, for me it’s the visual look of the map.
I really like the rural squares on you map.

When i check out other CityStriders, it’s the maps that i look at, not the number of streets.
My favorite is Aaron Fitzsenry running an entire state.
I also really like the very American map of Rus Golden with the mixture of typical american grid and cul-de-sacs

If you really want to up your number of streets, you could consider using your holidays in street dense areas. Here’s a suggestion, that would also look really awesome :grinning:


I have a similar opinion here, the look of the lifemap is leading, if i would like to have more ‘lines’ on there than there are ‘official’ streets, I go do it. Lifemap and streetcount and percentage completed are not always in the same line or of importance to me.

I am not just looking to add streets to my count. I have bern working on running every street in my county. I am trying to keep an accurate count. This post is not really about my street numbers. It is but its way bigger than that. A group om OSM is changing highways in the whole state to trunk. This will take off alot of roads as stuff to run in the whole state. I have looked at several other areas and this is a bigger issue than just my street count went down. I know now atleast 7 of the cities I have run in dont have the main street counted towards the city but yet its 20-30 mph zones with sidewalks. They shouldn’t be trunk road sections. And should be changed. I just dont know to what or if i am allowed.
If i was only about my map then i wouldn’t of posted. I have run lots of trails that dont count to anything in CS. I have been also working on all rail trails and its cool to see them on my map.

I haven’t been super involved in the project, but this is definitely related to a reclassification project undertaken by Minnesota mappers to help align Minnesota road classifications with the broader guidelines in the US. Wiki page here: Minnesota/Minnesota highway classification - OpenStreetMap Wiki. Most of the discussion surrounding it can be found in the OpenStreetMap slack channel #local-minnesota (Slack)

The justification for that being a trunk road is its importance to the road network, not the physical characteristics of the street itself (United States/2021 Highway Classification Guidance - OpenStreetMap Wiki). Meaning although it may be pedestrian friendly through small towns, it is still a major roadway in the Minnesota network. In this case I would say it is classified correctly and CityStrides would have to figure out the best logic for how to include it. I’ve not well versed enough with the Overpass API to provide any suggestions there unfortunately.

Will there be a solution for trunk roads that are runable?
As with lots of roads that are not runable dont we just mark them as “no” and CS bypasses those? Or trunk roads with names shouldn’t they count?

This issue is not just where I live and effects alot of areas. And other states.

If we can determine this via OSM tags, yes.

The query currently takes a very “flat” approach, and I’m unsure offhand how to add conditional tag filters like “is tagged highway=trunk but also foot=yes” that also work with all of the rest of the filters.

I’m expecting that any change to the street query that CityStrides uses is going to result in a lot of necessary OSM edits. I have to be very careful about changing things in a way that results in different streets in CityStrides, because people get extremely upset when things change.

Lots more conversation on this topic in The Trouble with Trunk Roads