I can't access Supporter Features

I’ve paid to be supporter of CityStrides, but when I try and access the Supporter Features, I am invited to become a supporter. When I click on the 'become a supporte’r link I get a message which says ‘you are already subscribed’, but I still can’t use the Route Builder. I have raised this issue before, but got no response.
Peter Haydon

Sorry for my failure to reply earlier.

I’m expecting that you’re logged into a different account. If you open the top right menu & choose Profile … Are you taken to this page? Peter Haydon - CityStrides
If you’re not, please share the URL you are taken to & I can look into merging accounts for you.

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Have you any idea as yet as to why I cannot use any of the subscriber features. I wish to do my first route this week if possible.
Best wishes

Oh, sorry, I replied to our open support ticket - I’ll close that out so I remember to post here. Here’s what I wrote:

I’ve been looking into this further, and I’m completely stumped. Every bit of information on the server correctly identifies the account as subscribed.

​I notice your account has zero activities, and it’s also connected to a Strava account with zero activities: Strava Runner Profile | Peter Haydon
Is that something you expect?

​​If you visit this page: 세관(합동청사) - CityStrides (purposefully choosing a street with nobody having completed it) and click the magnifying glass button in the top left of the map…
Does that display a number of red nodes (dots) on the map?