I cannot signout

For the last couple of days I have tried to sign out so I can resume syncing, but when I try, I get the following message :
(“Its not that it never existed. It just doesn’t exist now”)

I have tried various devices and private modes with no luck.

:link: My profile link : Steen Andersen - CityStrides

I’ve never signed out before, so I tried it now, and get the same message. But why would you want to sign out?

I order to resume syncing with garmin you have to logout/login again.

I normally dont have autosync with garmin because i often forget to stop my watch when i am finished and then have a trail of busses/trains/bycyles that i want to remove before syncing.

Aha, I see! I wasn’t aware of that. Looks like an error in the URL that this menu choice is pointing to, something for @JamesChevalier to check

Ugh, that messaging needs to be fixed … There’s a whole mess around un-pausing some services, and the text is created generically for all services. You do not need to log out/in for Garmin. Sorry for the confusion there.

Regardless, I’ll look into the sign-out issue.

Edit: This will be fixed in the next release.

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