How to resend edited activities

Thanks for sharing this. When you say ‘takes a while to see results’…typically, how long? I followed your protocol steps 1-9 and I’ve been waiting over an hour at this point and don’t see any chart on the page for single activity uploads, whereas my auto-synced activities are usually instantaneous. However, I didn’t delete the original activity because editing the gpx in Runkeeper caused my paces and segments (illegitimate CR) to be wonky on Strava, so I want to delete the modified gpx once the trace is in CityStrides.

@JamesChevalier is there a significant increase in wait for single activity sync, even for supporters? Also, I tried first to do it through Garmin but got an error message when there were 2 activities on the same day to sync, just FYI

There’s no sync delay right now (the status page is pretty good at displaying that). It does look like there’s a small processing delay.

If you want to update an activity in CityStrides, it must be deleted in CityStrides first and then re-synced (either through the ‘sync now’ button or the single activity sync in Settings). There’s code in place that actively avoids creating activities with the exact same start time.

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Great - that should solve it then. Thanks!

OK, I deleted the old activity, which took more than an hour to no longer appear on my activities list (I believe you said previously that deleting activities is more processing-heavy because it has to recalculate progress or something?). But then I was unable to single activity sync from Strava for 11 Feb even though there was no longer an activity that day…it did work when I uploaded the gpx to Garmin, deleted my other 11 Feb run, and synced the day. Is that because the original activity was synced from Garmin? I have both connected; Strava sync paused and Garmin sync active.

We were heavily off-topic, so I separated this out into its own thread.

The Settings page has a single-activity sync UI for both Strava & Garmin - you’d need to use the correct UI for whichever service holds the activity.

Another possibility - if you have a service paused, the single-activity sync does not work for that service (all syncing respects the service state; if it’s paused then nothing’s going to happen). I’ll clean that up in the UI.

OK it’s the latter - currently it isn’t clear on the interface that just because auto-sync is paused for a service that one couldn’t still single activity sync if that service is still linked. Maybe that’s straightforward to others, not to me :upside_down_face:

Appreciate the replies, I felt a bit needy for having all these questions but just want to get this convoluted process figured out.

Nah, I’ve had a few confused people. The latest update, from a few minutes ago, should hide those single-activity sync sections for services that are not enabled.

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