How to log in?

Hello James,

Still loving CityStrides. Thanks for all your help.

When I first logged into CS I signed up through Strava, and then connected Garmin. I have now stopped Strava syncing and in my Settings screen, only Garmin is connected. If I were to log out, how could I log in again? My profile is Bradley Howard - CityStrides

To emphasise this point, I tried logging into CS on my phone this morning. I had to log in through Strava because there isn’t a Garmin log in option. CS has created a new profile (18382).

Any thoughts on how users should log in with only Garmin connected?




When you paused Strava syncing, did you deauthorize the connection?

I am still able to log in using Strava even with Strava syncing paused and all activities coming through Garmin. Any chance you have more than one Strava log in linked to different emails?

If I go to Settings and connect Strava then Garmin disconnects. And then when I reconnect Garmin, Strava disconnects.

For now, you can log in via Strava. This should not have any affect on the paused state of your Strava connection.

Ah, yeah, it looks like you de-authorized access from within Strava. This deletes all of your Strava data in CityStrides. So your next login created a whole new user (because all of the data for that previous connection had been deleted).

I’ll message you directly with an option - I haven’t released it publicly, yet, because I’m still working through the testing phase.

For anyone else reading along, the expected use right now (until I add the log in with Garmin option) is:

  • pause your Strava connection in your CityStrides settings
  • DO NOT de-authorize access within Strava settings
  • connect Garmin
  • if you have to log back into CityStrides, do so with your Strava account

The four bullet points is what I am doing and it works perfectly.

Thank you for the heads up, and clarifications.

You rock!

Yes, I think I might have. It was a mistake when I tried logging in on my phone recently. Any chance I can delete one of the accounts (18382)?

Here is a related question. I’ve been talking with some of my local running partners and chatting up the idea of challenging each other to complete our city first. I told them not to sync to Strava like I did, but instead go straight to Garmin. The one guy who tried said that when he went to set up an account Garmin was not one of the options to start from.

Is the proper process now to have a new user set up an account by connecting to Strava, then go into their settings immediately to pause the sync to Strava, and then sync to Garmin?

Yeah, I haven’t fully released the Garmin connection as I’m still testing/monitoring. Have them contact me directly (contact page on website) and I can share a Garmin login url with them.

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