How to I resync Mapmyfitness data to reflect a removed activity?

I’ve taken at initial look at this site and so far am
hugely impressed but one thing the mapping highlighted were some rogue activities where either the tracking failed or I left it on while I drove home. Where I’ve deleted these in mapmywalk they seem to remain on citystrides. How do I resync the data? I’ve tried various options of signing out, clearing map cache etc.


If you’ve deleted them in MapMyFitness, then you can delete them in CityStrides. There’s a delete button on each activity page.

As a note to anyone else reading this - if you had not deleted them in MapMyFitness then deleting them in CityStrides would not necessarily be permanent. Each sync brings in your history of activities, so that would have re-added them to CityStrides.

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@rwr.geo I am not a user of mapmywalk, but depending how you are recording your activity, this may be helpful: How to edit a run from Garmin

Even if it does not apply 100%, maybe it is at least an idea to see if MMW activities can be edited, and re-sync’d with CityStrides.


Thanks both. The extra step of deleting in City Strides has worked - wasn’t reflected immediately in the LifeMap but looking again now the offending route has gone.

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