How long does it take to update streets info from OSM?

I’ve made a change of an incorrect street in OSM a while ago. I see that CityStrides map is already updated, the incorrect street doesn’t show up anymore, however the GPS coordinates for this street are still incorrect. Will they be auto updated soon or needs to be requested to update manually?

Street: Colonial Oaks Drive, Los Altos, CA, USA

The map visual display is from Mapbox - they update that on their own schedule.
The data here in CityStrides updates from OSM roughly monthly.

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Thanks for the quick reply James. Just to confirm - I think it means the GPS coordinates will be auto updated with the next sync, right?

That’s right

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I have made many changes in OSM and Mapbox has updated these changes but CS has not updated these changes. I have read that CS updates regularly from OSM but some of my changes go back to April. I note that these are all Australian cities, and none of the cities in my region (Queensland) have a last update date. It is a blank field.

Thank you for pointing this out!
The code that selects which cities to update sorts by the last sync date … but it placed cities with null values at the end, where they would never be updated. :man_facepalming:

I’ve adjusted all of my city creation code to set the last sync date to ‘now’, which will properly place them in the queue. I’ve also set the last sync date to the city’s creation date for any existing city without a value (there were over 10k). This should place them in the queue correctly e.g. if they were created a while ago they should be further to the front of the queue than the cities I created yesterday.


Hmm… so how will adding 10K+ cities to the update queue affect the overall cycle do you think? I think most of mine have been updating every 30-45 days, so I didn’t know how long to estimate before the next update. I tend to try and do any OSM updates that I have collected at one time.

Doing some backhand math… likely not a lot. Currently there are ~194k cities imported into CS. So being conservative and rounding up to 11k new cities, that would mean there were ~183k previously being updated regularly. Adding 11k is +~6% more cities to process. With an ~40 day update cycle previously, adding 6% would mean new update cycle of ~42.4 days.
Note: This is a complete guess based on numbers I can see in UI and personal experience with update timeframe of my own cities.

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