How long does it take for Runkeeper to sync to CityStrides?

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Hi - I have done a few Runkeeper activities this morning, all public, but not yet appearing/synced with my CityStrides profile. I have pro.
How long does it take for these new activities to appear and my profile to update?

New here and like the concept, looking to ‘gamify’ my lunch walks and dog walks

I changed my runkeeper username and I think I might have broken something. I tried unsyncing/logging out and back in with Runkeeper, but when clicking the Runkeeper button it shows an error page as it’s failing to load my correct new username/profile.

I did a lunch walk with Strava and that updated on my City Strides profile after just a few minutes.

Runkeeper does not have any notification system, so I have to poll for new activities on a regular schedule. I have this set up to request new data for every Runkeeper-connected account once per day. There’s no set/known time for this, everyone is evenly distributed across 15min increments of the 24hrs.

Strava (and MapMyFitness and Garmin) does have notifications, so when you save data there it’s automatically pushed into CityStrides “immediately”.

I’ve coded things in CityStrides to skip duplicate activities based on the exact same start time. So if you have data configured to sync around to Garmin, Strava, Runkeeper, etc, whoever notifies CityStrides first “wins” … This would mean that it’s very likely for the activity to arrive “immediately” via e.g. Strava and then the later Runkeeper daily sync would skip it.

Similar to the lack of activity notification issue, there’s no way for me to know that you changed your Runkeeper user name. If you want to share your new Runkeeper profile link, I can manually update it.

Thanks, I’m going to use Strava moving forward so should be fine now. but thanks for adding those Runkeeper ones to my profile, that’s pushed me up a few more ranks!
Now I can really get walking - watch this space!

If you pause the Runkeeper connection in your settings page, that will help decrease my overall Runkeeper use. The daily sync skips paused accounts, which helps me stay inside their rate limits.

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