How exactly do the ‘nodes’ work?

Hey there, was wondering how exactly the nodes work on every street? Have a route I ran and it’s telling me I missed a couple of nodes. When looking at it, seems it just speaking of one side of the street. Do you have to run the left and right side of a street to count? Thanks in advance

Check out the wiki


The short answer is, sometimes you do.

I have read you need to pass within 25 meters of a node to have it count.

Also is the underlying source of the data, Open Street Maps. It all depends where the “points” were placed on that road, as (to the best of my knowledge) points on “streets” (that’s another topic) in OSM, become nodes on CityStrides.

I have seen areas in OSM where there are points on the other side of the road, and in the case of dual carriageways (aka divided roads), there may be a line of nodes on both side.

Then there is “GPS drift”, which sometimes will not record a coordinate exactly where you passed. You can see this best when you look at the trace for an activity, or on the CityStrides LifeMap. You will see your trace not quite where you know you physically were.

Hope that helps, and welcome.


[edit] PS: Or you could read the wiKi on the subject. Good post @hjkiddk, I forgot about that. Need to see how I did with my explanation. :slight_smile: