How do I disconnect Strava from CityStrides?

Hi All. I just connected MapMyRun in attempt to avoid the Strava sync issues. I can’t seem to disconnect from Strava. I go into settings and see a check mark next to both MMR and Strava but no way to uncheck MMR.


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I don’t know if this helps but I wonder if revoking access from Stava would be enough?

  1. Go to Strava → Settings → My Apps
  2. Revoke access for CityStrides

Before you go much further I would recommend checking with @JamesChevalier that revoking strava will not delete all of you progress so far…
I believe the two are linked.
I have set runkeeper up this morning to link my runs across but wont be disconnecting strava as I am pretty sure I read somewhere that i will lose all of my history!

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Allan - you are correct.

If @kbyogagirl successfully disconnects Strava, it will delete every activity on Citystrides that came from Strava, then if she wants them back, she has to re-add Strava, adding to the Strava delay problem.

If the MapMyRun account has exactly the same activities as Strava going as far back as she needs, it won’t be a big deal, it might just take a little time to re-process all of the runs once the new data is imported.

so DON’T delete Strava! (unless the other account will completely replace it for the entirety of your activity history)

Hmmm, assuming a direct Garmin download comes on line, I hope we’ll get clear guidance on how to make the switch.