How do I delete an activity?

I had some old bogus activities when I first imported from Strava. I’ve since deleted them from Strava and resynced, but they still show up in my results.

How do I delete these from citystrides?


I’ve got the delete button showing just for me right now … I need to change that to be shown for the Activity owner …
Until I get that done, you can share your Activity URLs here or in an email to me & I can delete them for you.

Sorry for the trouble. :disappointed:

Please delete my activity CityStrides – I was trying to convert a GPX track into a Strava route via upload. I since deleted the (temporary) Strava activity, but it remains on CityStrides. Thanks!

I accidentally tracked a ‘walk’ while I was driving my car. How can I remove this activity from CityStrides?
I already removed it manualy from RunKeeper / Strava.

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I have to remove these manually, for now.
I have a number of activities to delete, so I’ll try to get to this soon.

I’ll also look into re-adding the delete option (I think the main reason was that it’s not permanent if the activity still exists in the tracking service).


OK, I deleted this activity. It’ll re-sync next time your daily sync runs, unless you’ve deleted it or changed its type to a non-run/walk activity type.

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+1 for this feature. Just like the original poster, I accidentally recorded a run when I was in my car. I deleted it from Strava.

I was actually looking for a “start over” or resync with Strava feature but being able to remove a single route would be even better.

Thanks, great web site!

I feel like there are two features:

  • ability to delete activities in CityStrides so that they never re-sync (which covers the edge case where an activity should still exist in the tracking service but not in CityStrides)
  • ability to reprocess an activity (in the case where it has been updated in the tracking service & you want those changes in CityStrides)

Does that sound right to you?


Yep, I think both of those scenarios are valid, but I think #2 may be enough because it treats the tracking service as the “source of truth” so that CityStrides is just a reflection of that service. Otherwise, you need to start maintaining a separate state on your side for activities which should remain deleted by present in the tracking service.

That said, having a delete function on CityStrides for anybody who wants to “curate” their heat map to only show races, or long runs, or something like that. But then again, if you go down that road, you probably want to implement tagging for activities so that people can filter on those kinds of attributes.

Just my .02 :slight_smile:


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I like also having the first option you suggested, because sometimes my GPS messes up horrendously (shows me running through a lake or something), and I don’t want that data to make my CityStrides map look bizarres, but I do want to keep the data in Strava for reference.

Good point!

One thing I’ve done is fix up the GPS track within my run tracking service, delete the activity in CityStrides, then re-synchronize it. I don’t have many activities with messed up GPS tracks, so it wasn’t a lot of effort for me - I could see this being a huge pain for people with lots of messed up tracks.

That would be great. I believe both options would be useful. I believe that the first option to eliminate runs that do not add any progress to overall map would be a great feature. Love this web site and look forward to making more progress in conquering NYC. Thanks

Please delete my activity so it can resync https.//
As it’s not showing progressed or completed streets

I’m a geography professor who loves to run…this has been such a delightful discovery. Assuming that there still isn’t a way that a user could remove a run, I’d like to request this one to be deleted. CityStrides I kept a run in my Strava data that had wonky GPS data, but accurate mileage (I have now deleted it since joining citystrides and seeing how it messed up my map). @JamesChevalier : could I ask you to delete this one for me? I’d appreciate it. In the future, I’d love to write up a review for my “Geography Education” website.

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It looks like you got this, but let me know if you need any more help!

Hi James, Thanks for everything you do here. I’ve been an active citystrider for about a year. Will eventually need some help deleting some buildings and other items that falsely register as streets.

In the meanwhile, can you please delete this activity? CityStrides

Looks like it’s gone (or it’s private, so I can’t see it) … Is this all set @awapniak?

Hi James. Could you please delete CityStrides ?


When looking at your activity, at top right, click menu with your profile pic…


Ah, sorry. Didn’t expect it up there. Thanks!