How can I delete multiple activities?

I’m trying to log activities which I’ve run this year (2021) but my Strava sync has included all previous activities. Is there a quick way to delete multiple activities?

Deleting activities is one of the worst things for the CityStrides servers.

And if you delete them from CS, they may come right back the next time your account syncs

I can’t remember if it is a supporter feature or not, but you can filter your lifemap by date with a button in the top, right corner…

Cheers for the response. I can filter the lifemap, but the streets complete counter still works off the overall sync. Decided the best way ahead is to sync manually and slowly delete the tasks before this year.

The core CityStrides product is built from the life-long perspective.

The activity sync code is designed to sync all of your activities, so I would recommend against relying on activities deleted in CityStrides to stay deleted in CityStrides if those still exist in your tracking service. It’s not frequent that I run syncing on accounts (outside of Runkeeper; they’re the only service that doesn’t alert CityStrides of new activities, so I have to poll) but it can happen.

For isolated challenges e.g. just 2021 or just August of 2021 or from [some date] on - those are/will be better served by Challenges. This is an area that I’m still building up, so it has some rough edges.
I’ve seen people create new accounts in the tracking service & manually copy activities from their main service into that secondary service that apply to their goal. This can be quite a bit of effort. Overall, the way forward will work out to be: use the main CityStrides site for your lifetime progress & set up Challenges when you want to place start and (optional) end dates on your efforts