How can I add another pair of shoes?

How can I add another pair of shoes (different producer) without loosing the first one?
I have 2 pairs currently.
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So… I’ve hidden the interface for creating new shoes because I think that all the run tracking services have their own equipment management feature. (Originally, I built out this whole Shoe thing because Runkeeper didn’t offer the feature.)

I’m seriously considering removing the entire concept of Shoes from CityStrides. This would be bad for Runkeeper users who haven’t updated their shoes in Runkeeper, though. To help with that, I’m thinking about building a little tool to port your shoes from CityStrides into Runkeeper. I don’t know how much effort this would be, though.
Can you share your perspective on the idea of shoes being removed from CityStrides?

Anyway, here’s how you can create a new pair of shoes here in CityStrides: