Hospital sites

I’ve had to resort to manually marking streets within my local hospital site complete because OSM has decided the private streets aren’t private because the ‘Public has access to the hospital’ even though they are technically private roads.

I think hospital grounds should be off limits for casual running & challenges like this but not sure if there’s some tagging we can use to ignore such things?

Here’s an example of a street:

If this is the street you are referring to (Google Street View & OSM history), it looks like it recently was marked as private access (maybe by yourself?) and thus the next time Portsmouth pulls in new data (~every 5-6 weeks) it will be removed from CS list.

In my opinion (from 6203km away) I think this street is “legal” to include for CS purposes and I wouldn’t mark it as private access in OSM. Usually when I think of a ‘private’ access street, I think of streets where if I ran down it, I would get yelled at by somebody. On this one you may get weird looks from someone on the loading docks but likely no security guard would chase you down.

The street looks to be a part of the Queen Alexandra Hospital campus, which is apart of the National Health Service, which is a publicly funded system (going based off Wikipedia pages). I doubt the hospital itself is charged with maintaining the street (re-paving, painting lines, etc) but likely relies on the local government to do so. In addition the street has signage with its name on it and I don’t see any signs in Google Street View that specifically say no or limited access for pedestrians or other forms of transportation; like you may see on a street for ambulances only. Lastly there is a sidewalk for half of the street that looks to lead to certain entrances of the hospital so foot access looks to be ok.

If I were marking the street, at most I’d set the access to ‘permissive’ (see here for description of access values). This would still lead to it showing in CS but I think that would be the proper marking value in OSM. I’d recommend checking out other hospitals in the area to see if other OSM users have marked similar roads as private, permissive or another value.

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Are there signs saying private? I have encountered many roads that are “private”, in the sense they are for the sole use of the people on the road, yet the public can still legally access the road. In fact I finished a few streets recently in a “private” gated community, but the gates are open during the day, so I just strolled in and walked them. I tend not to run in areas that are “private”, as I don’t want to look suspicious.

I’m curious if calling access “permissive” would be more accurate? Need to see if CS picks up roads tagged permissive.

Hi Marty,

You are correct, it was myself that marked it as private but the local moderator disagreed not because it was a private road but because it’s a public hospital.

From This Streetview you can see the council maintained roads (In 99.9% of cases) have the Council symbol on them.

The other issue is finding another example of a UK hospital that’s named the streets on it’s campus!

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Hi Eric,

I’ve tried permissive before for other examples and CS rightly ignores it :slightly_smiling_face:

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@mrquartz7 maybe I misunderstood your meaning, but permissive streets are included in CS. Example Polisvägen, which is permissive in OSM

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Hi Hans,

That’s what I meant, having reread how I wrote it I can see that it makes little sense!

I’m living in Lisbon now and was given a stern and disapproving response by a security guard (sitting by an open gate) when I asked if I could run the road cutting through the hospital. Kinda made me feel bad…but it’s not like I’d be interfering with the functioning of the hospital or even going anywhere near any of the buildings.

I would definitely run that street, but would probably do it on a sunday morning, to avoid any weird looks.
I have run three hospital grounds so far, very similar to yours, with no problems.


I’ve also run hospital grounds without any problems. Unless there’s a gate or explicit signage restricting access I would consider it fair game.


I have found, many times, that it is sometimes better to walk, rather than run, through questionable areas. It just seems so less suspicious…

Even less suspicious if you could borrow a white jacket with a caduceus logo. :slight_smile:


Sensible advice :+1: & I like the humourous one too :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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