Help adding Chautauqua, NY

I did some walks in Chautauqua, NY and they show up on the lifemap—yay.

BUT Chautauqua is not a city in the list and the activities show up as 0 completed/0 progressed.

Thanks for your help. :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:

I see a couple options for Chautauqua, one very small & one fairly large which also encompasses Relation: ‪Village of Mayville‬ (‪175914‬) | OpenStreetMap

Based on everything else in NY, I’m inclined to add Relation: ‪Chautauqua‬ (‪14375010‬) | OpenStreetMap

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That looks good to me. Thanks, James!

Hey, I am also in Chautauqua! Thanks for bringing this up!

fwiw I agree with your assessment and would recommend the first. Thanks!

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Just as a general guideline - as I understand it in that area of NY, “Town Of X” is typically like what other areas might call a township, non-incorporated, not the actual city/village/town (although that third one is the source of the confusion)