Has not run at all, or is not sharing their activities


To collect all my runs properly I withdrew permission for citystrides at strava. Later on I gave strava permission again to send the runs to citystrides. Since then I cannot see any runs at citystrides.
It says: .… has not run at all, or is not sharing their activities.
But at strava my activites are not private.
Anyone with a solution?

Thanks in advance!

Just wait, the server has a queue of work and need more time to process them. Maybe somebody else can tell you more, I’m just another newbie :wink:

Thanks, I know about the queue. I am probably a bit impatient :wink: I will wait a bit longer.

Is this you?

The “has not run at all” message can happen if you have private activities and you aren’t logged in - it’s the same view that others have of your activities. It doesn’t sound like that’s the case for you, though…

yes, that’s me

Ok - the page says you have 1436 activities… if you open the menu, do you see “sign in with” links at the top or “sign out” at the bottom?

Sign out at the bottom

Wow, this is really weird! You’re still seeing that “has not run…” message?
If you open the menu and click Profile, does it take you to that same link :point_up:?

Sorry for the trouble - I haven’t seen this issue yet.

No prob.
Yes, it takes me to the same link. I can even see the streets that I already completed. But I could not see the maps and also new runs do not appear in my total runs…