Global Running Day landing page

I’m working on as a way to showcase our collective efforts. It’s currently quite boring, since most of the fun will be on/after June 1.

On the day of the event, the display will change to show our collective efforts - number of people, completed streets, cities, and countries. I feel like a global map that displays all of our public activities on June 1 would also be a cool thing to have. My aim is to have it update live, so as streets are completed the stats and map reflect our progress.

After the event, it will switch back to a countdown. It’ll show the general stats for last year’s event, and include a list of all past GRD events at the bottom. That list won’t be interesting for some years, though.


I love this idea! Do we need to join this challenge or is everyone automatically in? Do previously completed streets count?

Everyone is automatically entered into the Challenge.

It’s a one-day thing, so the only activities that will count towards completing streets are on the day of the event. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve previously completed a street or not - the world is a clean slate on June 1 for this Challenge.
If you do complete a new street on June 1, it will count towards the Challenge and it will remain permanently completed in the main site. The Challenges are separate activities from the main site.

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Hi James, it’s June 1st in New Zealand (plus a few other countries) but the challenge is still showing as inactive. What time zone does it use to determine when 1st June starts? And will it then pick up all activities done on June 1st in the runner’s local time zone or will it be June 1st of some other time zone?

I had a few bits that needed correcting, but I’ll be able to get this updated shortly so that any activity one June 1 wherever the activity is will count.
Timezones :sweat_smile:

Update: IT BEGINS! Global Running Day - CityStrides

I bagged a modest 8 streets this morning but noticed that the challenge only credits me with 6. I don’t mind either way but wanted to highlight the discrepancy in case it’s something that needs investigating…
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Nice job!
I’m decently certain that the 2 streets had some nodes that you completed on another day. So, today you did not complete a couple of them in their entirety - you had some previous activity that made some progress. If you click the Show button for each street in Wien, you can see how there are some nodes that are off your activity.
The good news is that you can go back out there and finish them to have them count for today :wink:

Ah, mystery solved :+1: I didn’t think of the time constraint… I don’t think I’ll trouble the leaderboard this year :sweat_smile:


Before I go for a run, I guess I thought the challenge was a bit different.

Is the challenge for how many of us can complete new streets for ourselves or is the challenge how many unique streets can be completed by CS members today?

So for example, I have completed my home city already. I could go out today and run a neighborhood that could be X number of streets that no other CS member ran TODAY, but they wouldn’t be new to me. Would those count towards the total?

Yeah, today - for this challenge - it’s a clean slate for everyone. It does not matter if you have previously completed any streets that you complete today.

I don’t have it set to count unique streets, so if we lived in the same city and ran together - side by side - and completed 10 streets, then that would count as 20 towards the global total.

I didn’t think it would be good to have someone’s accomplishments - they completed a street - negated because someone else they didn’t know and never spoke with happened to complete the street without their knowledge.

Cool. I won’t drive an hour round trip to complete streets today, then. I’ll just pick some neighborhood and see how many I can knock out today.

What should be visible on the map on All collective streets? In my case it shows my run from yesterday (not June 1), is that correct?

I opted to build out Global Running Day - CityStrides and left the general “overhaul the Challenge pages” for a later project. Outside of city-based challenges, I feel like those pages are pretty lacking. :slightly_frowning_face:

Very early on in the day, I noticed some outlier activities in the US & UK that shouldn’t have been included. I didn’t have time to work on the issue, though, and now it would be a lot of effort to find them again. If you can share your activity URL (even if it’s private - I can look at its date in the database) that would help a ton.

Interesting - I don’t see any node/street data related to this challenge for that activity. Where are you seeing this activity shown / progress from this activity for the challenge?

Thanks for creating this challenge! I am enjoying it.

Just curious… I walked 23 streets so far today, but my stat is only showing 4. I was also wondering if this challenge runs to midnight in a certain time zone or do I (PST) still have the next five hours to up my numbers?


I was kinda hoping for a lifemap style global map showing every purple line run today.

I guess that would be a pretty big dataset… but still would be amazing to see


Where are you seeing this activity shown / progress from this activity for the challenge?

On the map on page

This is getting more and more interesting… You’re shown to me as “Progress: 0 streets” & that page doesn’t display activity information (as far as I recal). Can you share a screenshot? (if it exposes info you want to keep private you can message me directly)

I really wanted to do this as well, but time was limited and I already have people who can’t see their own LifeMap - never mind a global view of ~16k activities. :sweat_smile: My compromise was to display each activity as a single coordinate and cluster them to reduce load on our devices.

Our efforts for the challenge were entirely limited to the single day. It didn’t take into account any prior progress, so those 19 streets were probably progressed on an earlier day. Those 4 were completed entirely today.
The challenge did run for the full 24 hours wherever the activity happened, not in one particular time zone … or at least I intended it to be that way - time zones are hard :sweat_smile:

How hard would it be to create a more static map dataset after the fact once an acceptable up-load window has passed for activities completed yesterday? Something that got written/mapped once and isn’t clickable or anything, just a zoomable map with purple lines “painted” on it.