Global rank

Not sure if I missed something, but what does Global rank mean, in more detail?


Released just a little while ago: Updates on April 25, 2021 (Release 85)

It’s your place amongst everyone around the world using CityStrides. It’s based on how many streets you’ve completed (ignoring nested cities).


Global rank is interesting, but is there a way to see total number of striders?


Interesting! Is there a leaderboard we can see? Thanks!

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Excellent choice of word!

Hi James,
Love the global rank feature.
Is there any way to see the ‘league table’?
I’m quite proud to be 35th, but would like to see if I have a realistic chance of climbing any higher. And use look over my shoulder so I don.t lose any places :slight_smile:


Not yet, but I fully intend to rebuild the old leaderboard (in a much better way - it used to just be a flat list of people, but that doesn’t scale to 30k of you :sweat_smile:).

This concept of “league” is interesting. :thinking: Perhaps split the entire collection of CityStrides users into X number of groups sorted by completed street count?

That’s shown on the main Striders page (linked from the top left menu), but it’s otherwise not an especially interesting page (I’m being extremely polite to myself).


Or geographically! Continent, country, region, etc.

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I believe though that there should be a way to have two different rankings for streets completed by bicycle and those on foot (running, hiking, walking)

Cycling activities are not synced into CityStrides

Ah, but they are if the user marks them as runs!