Glitch in the matrix

I have a street that I have definitely completed. It’s only 12 nodes and all are purple. When I click on the street it says 100% complete and yet it is still in my incomplete list for that town and listed as progressed for that activity. I don’t want to mark it manually since it is actually completed. Am I missing something?

City: Piedmont
Street: Wyngaard

This may be related to 100% complete streets showing as incomplete suddenly?

Ok but how to fix it? I completed a street just yesterday. It says 100%. I counted the nodes and they are all indeed complete yet it still says progressed.

I even zoomed out to make sure there wasn’t a node clear across town like in Oakland’s Crane Way that is split into both extreme ends of the city.

I’ve fixed it up, but I’m still looking into how things got into this state. The piece of the job system that needed to be re-run was one of the last steps that goes through a typically bogged-down queue (right now there’s an hour delay on it). :thinking: I’m going to have to spend more time looking into this.