'Ghost' strider 😮!

Morning All,
I’ve been wandering the streets of Folkestone & Hythe - Folkestone and Hythe, England - CityStrides - for a while now gradually creeping up the leaderboard. Quite pleasingly I’ve now achieved no.1 spot having overtaken someone who seemed to have stalled at 40+% but I noticed someone else charging along right behind me getting to within a fraction of a percent of my total.
Over several weekend jaunts this other strider seemed to be on the same timetable as me, even when I had a few days off work and squeezed in a quick route this mysterious person did exactly the same :thinking:.
My wife thinks I’m getting a bit paranoid about this but I’ve just returned from a walk having made a note of both our completion totals with this strider being just 0.29% behind me. The spooky thing is that after returning from a couple of hours walking I’ve checked the totals and he/she is still just 0.29% behind me in second place! :astonished:
Do I have a geeky stalker who trots along behind me ducking into bushes and alleyways? Who would bother following me about?
As my missus sometimes comes along with me I’ve even accused her of setting up an account as a prank but she flatly denies it. :thinking:
Actually I do think the answer maybe slightly simpler and not worthy of a weird conspiracy theory; as I had a free account for a short while before becoming a supporter is the ‘ghost’ just me? :laughing: Am I just racing myself? :crazy_face:
Needless to say my wife thinks this is hysterical. :kissing_heart:
I can only see the one account at this end but could this be checked out by someone more knowledgeable than me please!
(I can see there is another topic on this but there didn’t seem to be a resolution? I only sync my Garmin watch with Strava.)

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Yeah, it’s just yourself. It looks like you logged into CityStrides via two different services.

Your Garmin-connected account: Graham King - CityStrides
Your Strava-connected account: Graham King - CityStrides

If you log into CityStrides via Strava & update that account’s email address (in your Settings page) I can merge the two. It will complain about setting it to the same address that’s used in your other account, so just add +citystrides to your email username - for example whatever+citystrides@wherever.com
If you know you do not want that Strava data at all, you can revoke access within their settings page ( https://www.strava.com/settings/apps ) and all of that data will be deleted in CityStrides.

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Aha :sunglasses:, easy when you know how! I’ve revoked access in Strava and my shadow has immedialtely disappeared.
Thanks very much, although there is a slight twinge of disappointment that I don’t actually have a mysterious Strider groupie trotting along unseen in my wake! :disguised_face: