Getting rid of crap activities

I’ve got a bunch of activities dating back several years. The problem with most of these activities is that they’re crap. No map data. No real exercise data. But they exist in Strava as an activity. So I’m starting to clean them out. Mostly I’m deleting them, but a few of them have reasonable information, and those I’m editing to clean them up. (Mostly changing “run” to “walk”.)

The issue is that I’ve paused my Strava sync on this site in favor of a direct Garmin sync. I would like to remove them from this site, too.

My thought is that once I’ve got Strava cleaned up, I should un-pause Strava, then do a full Strava sync. After a day or so, re-pause Strava. This should (if I understand what’s happening) completely clean up City Strides. (At least of the crap activities in Strava. I may also have some in Garmin.) Am I correct in my assumption, or is there something else I’ll need to do once Strava is completely cleaned up?

Sometimes that’s a problem with the sync - there may actually be GPS data to display, but it hasn’t synced into CityStrides because of (usually) server issues.

If you’ve deleted an activity in Strava, they’ll send an alert that you’ve done so - I will remove activities based on that alert. I just looked & I am mistakenly exiting the alert-response code early if you’ve paused Strava syncing … I’ll be updating this so activity updates/deletions still make it through even if it’s paused.
Syncing, though, only adds activities.

Does it matter if you have some activities in CityStrides that are from e.g. treadmill activities?
Is it worth the effort?

It’s not treadmill activities. I think these activities come from Google Fit to Strava, and they are steps and weigh ins and other really stupid space wasters. They annoy me.

The only treadmill I was on in the last ten years was while I was on vacation. Normally I ran, but one day I used the hotel’s treadmill. (Treadmills are really boring.)

So I’m just assume that I can delete them in Strava, and City Strides will clean itself up, too.

Before you delete them in CityStrides, can you share a link to one?
Only running/walking (and variants like hiking etc) should be making it into CityStrides. I’d like to look at the data to make sure that is still the case.


Here’s the Strava activity. Notice that it’s listed as a treadmill run, although I was no where near a treadmill at the time.

And here’s the same activity on CityStrides. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have imported it, just that by the time it got to Strava it was crap data. CityStrides

So I’m not asking you to “fix” something, just confirming that I can get rid of it.