Garmin Users: How do I get my pre-planned, navigated routes to sync directly to CS?

Santa brought me a Epix Pro so I could plan routes ont the computer and get turn-by-turn directions on my wrist (instead of on my phone). Works reasonably well–except I think Garmin codes them as an “other” activity when completing the route with the “Navigate” app on the watch. They never automatically sync to CS. (If I use the “Walk” app it syncs–but I have to keep track of the route via other means–it seems to be an issue with the “Navigate” app.)

I have to go to Runkeeper, (where I can see it’s considered an “other” activity" and manually edit it to “Walk”. I can then do a manual sync to CS.

Is there a trick to get the watch to code the Navigate activity (specifically) as “walk” or “run”?

I may have gotten an answer from Reddit: “Don’t use the ‘Navigate’ app.”

Turns out there are options inside the WALK app that allow you to follow a pre-determined course, etc. (You have to press the middle button on the left side of the watch to access those.) Who knew?