Garmin GPS lines

I know you’re crazy busy trying to fix the new data issues, but I have a separate issue that has appeared.

Yesterday I had to plug in my Garmin GPS device to my laptop. I never do this, but it was having trouble starting up after a wet weekend on the trails. After a software update, it started working again (thankfully). In order to get the software update, I synced it to Garmin Connect which then syncs my activities to Runkeeper. Well this morning there are a bunch of crazy lines on my lifemap!


I’m pretty sure the two are connected as the lines all lead to the mountains which is where I use my GPS. There are no activities that I can find that are associated with those lines. Is there any way to reverse this? My map is so confusing and ugly now. :frowning:

You would have to pull up each activity individually and then go to the drop down menu in the top right. There you have the option of deleting the activity.

That’s the thing, there is no activity associated with those lines. I have no idea why they transferred over.

Found it! July 23, 2018. A 1500+ mile uncategorized activity. I deleted it off of Garmin, Runkeeper, and Citystrides. Seems to be fixed. Whew!

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:male_detective: Nice work, detective! :smiley:

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