Garmin and/or strava

Hi all,

I now use a garmin watch which syncs to Strava. I’ve linked my garmin account to CS as I don’t upload everything to Strava. However my Strava data also includes runs/walks that I did previously when I used a suunto watch. These will not be uploaded unless I link Strava to CS too but will this create any data conflicts by uploading the same run or walk twice?
Or is there a facility to link my previous suunto data that I’ve missed?

The Suunto integration is still a work in progress.

If you connect Strava to your existing CityStrides account - in the Activity Trackers section of your settings page - that will bring in any activities in Strava that don’t already exist in CityStrides (it won’t create duplicates).

If you just want some historical data from Strava, I’d suggest connecting it and then pausing the connection after everything is brought over. That “Pause” feature is in the same place in the settings page.

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Ah fantastic- thanks for that. I’ll wait till all my garmin data come over then do that