Finished my town today (Amsterdam 4711 streets) yeah!

  1. There are 4711 streets in Amsterdam, Holland
    I finished all the streets i could run that was 99,02 %

  2. There were some streets that i Could not run but did it anyway ,
    so there is less tha 99,02 runnable

  3. Then I marked the 37 streets I could not run as completed manually
    These streets I will try to mark in OSM as not (entirely) runnable
    Now I am at 99,83%

  4. There are 8 streets wich I cannot run at the present due to building, the oldest i tried in 2018 but there is still work in Progress.
    I will look at these strees somewhere in the future

boy what an adventure :slight_smile:



Maybe this global update code I’m running will get you closer to :100:



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Hello James
no helas. Since the global update my pecentage went down fro 99,83 (missing 8 streets) to 98,25%
And now the program thinks i Mis 82 streets instead of 8 :frowning:
If i Look a these streets I cannot find them in Citystrides. For instance Abtswoudepad, Albert Molhof, Blauwbrug and I think 82 minus 8 = 74 other ‘streets’
I think something went wrong ??

Yeah, there’s a lengthy thread on this: Streets with 0 Nodes

There was a bug in early versions of the global update code that cause some zero-node streets. You can see those by clicking the ‘Go’ button on the streets.
The next update will fix those up.


ah sorry, I am not running currently due to moving pericles and i didn’t catch up with this thread. I will be waiting for the your next update :slight_smile:

Nice work!!!

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ther are now over 2000 runners in my city, wow!

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Wow congratulations! I finished my home ‘city’ this morning (London Borough of Islington - actual London is WAY too big!) though it’s only 1217 streets, so not quite as impressive as yours!


Those are some amazing numbers… I am not worthy.

Well done!


thanx, every mountain starts with one step or every city strats with one suburb :slight_smile:

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I had a dream, a goal 2020. With Covid-19 that was an extra stimulance to just run …