Few missing dead end roads

Looking over the list of streets in Hebron CT I noticed, thus far, that some short dead end streets seeming to have no nodes.
The two I know I’ve done so far are:
Mohegan Ln Hebron CT

Ames Rd Hebron CT

Strange, when i look it up i see lot’s of nodes on the first one at least

Welp I just took a look and I’d had an issue with runkeeper mid run. I reloaded the gpx file so I had the whole run as one, but later the first part of the run was still loaded as having been a separate thing. So apparently Mohegan lane registered on that run but not the completed uploaded one :woman_facepalming:

If you need your activities fixed & there are only a couple, you could delete them in CityStrides & wait for that to finish & then run another sync.

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Thanks, I will do just that :+1: