Export Street List for a City?

I’d be surprised if this hasn’t already been asked, but I didn’t find it anywhere after some light poking, so figured I’d ask… Is there an easy way to export the street list for a given city, so I could use it as a to-do list for planning purposes?

Steve Dyas

No built in easy way. You could post it in the ideas category!

Two non-easy workarounds I can think of:

  1. adding “?page_incomplete=4&page_complete=10” your view of a city (http://www.citystrides.com/users/###/cities/####) lets you iterate through the pages if you’re inclined to write a script to scrape them that way.
  2. Calling the OSM overpass query that CityStrides uses (Overpass Street Query - #14 by 969823ab4485c3f2e393), which should get you a very similar list (minus any changes in your city since it was imported to CityStrides).

This would be a great feature, especially if it would include number of nodes and precent complete. Would make efficient clean up runs much easier to plan!

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Just out of curiosity how does this help you plan? I can’t personally imagine how this could possibly help me plan, I just the lifemap and node hunter.


Hi! I’m still debating. I’m attempting to close out all the streets in my city/town. It seems helpful to have a “checklist” of streets I haven’t hit yet without having to scroll through pages on the site. I might then decide to group the ones I plan to check on on individual runs/walks.


Like Dallas says, I use the LifeMap with node hunter for planning CS runs. I keep both CS and a mapping app ( garmin, Strava, …) open en make a route that hits the nodes. Now I have a garmin935, I upload the route to that and get instructions on my wrist.

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Thanks for your tip - of course you can view the list of unfinished roads. But you have to click explicitly on “Show” for each street, if you have to do this on several pages - it gets exhausting quickly. How could you automate this? Do you have an idea?

No clever idea for that. Anything I can think of I’m not sure exactly how to implement and would end up looking a lot like the lifemap in reverse (with more issues, to be sure).

What I use for this is NodeHunter but I think that is for subscription only. Actually, node hunter is one of my reasons to subscribe, and supporting James of course :innocent:
With Nodehunter you get an overlay in your lifemap with all the places you have missed and you can map you run to include them. I even sometimes run with my lifemap with nodes open on my iphone and track my location live in CS and start hitting nodes that way, feeling like PacMan. :upside_down_face:


I didn’t think I’d be the only one to do this!

It would be useful for me because I’m in a big grid city with lots of very loooong streets, and as a new runner, I can only manage a few miles per outing. Being able to easily find the streets I’m nearing completion on, or those with just a few nodes, would help me isolate a part of town to work on that would help me complete a few streets and advance the longer ones, without spending hours toggling between lifemap and the individual street pages. Seeing that % tick up, even a little, is a big motivator as I try to build a running habit.

Why do you need to toggle to street pages? Just look at your lifemap and pick an area to work on. I’ve worked on rural areas, crazy cul-de-sacs and major grids of city streets and I honestly can’t comprehend your approach personally. There are a million route builders out there that you can follow on your phone or probably print out or send to a watch (if it has that capability). As others said, using node hunter and supporting the site (its pretty cheap) to see the missing parts of the roads is also very helpful.


The great thing about a tool like this is we can all use it in different ways and there’s no need for you to comprehend my approach. It works for me, and this idea would make it work better. I’m glad your way works for you, but frankly no, using node-hunter to complete streets isn’t very effective when streets get cut off and restart a mile away across a river or a freeway. And I do support the site–James has built an awesome thing here.

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One difference between you and me is that I don’t actually care about the number of streets completed. I’m going to run my city, so all I do is look for red nodes. I’m get to them all eventually. And when there are no red nodes, there are no streets left to complete in my city.

(Other than the OSM error nodes. For those, I’m waiting for the data update. I’m only at (almost) 25%, so I’ve got time before the OSM error nodes are an issue.)


I was just about to post an idea for this. I do use the LifeMap and Node Hunter for my own personal map, but I’m currently running my city with a buddy and trying to coordinate both of our runs when there is no dual overlay feature, so I can see his and my LifeMap together, makes planning difficult. Having a simple print feature or export would make comparing completed, or rather incomplete, streets much easier. It’s really quite impossible to do this when you have 60 pages of incomplete streets. I’d like to see a feature that allows printing of several different features of the site: map, complete streets/nodes, incomplete streets/nodes, number of nodes completed and nodes remaining on an incomplete street.

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@lounatic Maybe there needs to be a new feature request for either a) overlaying lifemaps, or b) generate incomplete street list for 2 (or more) CS accounts? I used to play games on Xbox, and this https://www.trueachievements.com/ lets you do that… Compare achievements. FYI, I did a quick look (I don’t play on the console anymore, I spend my time outside now) but could not (quickly) find the compare option.

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Nice one @jpbari Touché!