Overlay two people's citystride map view

I think it would be a cool feature to take my map view and superimpose, in a different color, the map of another user - to see how we stack up in a a region - what streets do we have in common? Where do we differ?

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As recently as June 2017, it was possible to go to a city, see who else runs in that city, then click on the person’s name to have his/her map overlaid, in red, over one’s own purple lines. It doesn’t work any more, since when I don’t know.

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:laughing: I remember that!
:thinking: There are probably a few card-based interactions that I forgot to carry over through recent design updates… Back when I added the bottom two buttons to each user card, I dropped the “click this whole card” interaction in favor of the collection of buttons. I’ll have to figure a way to re-add that functionality.


I am trying to plan a run with a fellow strider today and it reminded me of this “idea” post from back when I first started. It would work really well to figure out how to maximize our run to get both of us some streets.

Oh, and it would be fun to compare.

Yeah, this plays a huge role in Challenges as well.

I think I want to convert the LifeMap button to a show/hide (similar to streets). I just have to figure out how to allow both a show/hide in the current view as well as a “go to this person’s LifeMap” flow.


A buddy of mine and I are currently doing what JP mentioned, running our home town together. Since we’ve been running for a while, there are areas/streets where only one of us has run and this would be an excellent feature for finding gaps that need to be filled as well as planning future routes. Any chance you’ve looked into this recently?