"Error: There is already a source with this ID"

Hi, because i have really gone down the rabbit hole and while I’m waiting for “hard” mode, i’ve been manually checking each completed street in my city looking for those streets that have been marked completed (the 90% rule) but still show some red nodes. Yes, I want 100% complete.

I get this error code periodically. Error: There is already a source with this ID

what is this error? It doesn’t seem to affect anything but I am wondering what is triggering it?

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No idea what triggers it but I have seen the same message when clicking the Show/Hide button when looking at the completed/progressed streets on an activity. I see the message pop up in the lower right corner of the window (same place on the screen as I would see a max 1000 nodes warning message if I was using the node hunter). The operation to show the details of the requested street seems to work OK though, despite the error message. I wondered if it might be that I was just clicking too many “show” buttons in quick succession ?

Does it always happen for particular activities?
I’d be interested in trying to reproduce this…

My guess is that the show/hide thinks it’s trying to show a street that is already shown … but that would mean the street list would probably have duplicates.


Happens quite often to me as well, after a run showing 20 completed streets, For each street I click Show - Hide - Go to check where it is, and if it’s 100%. And often towards the end, I get this message. But everything still works, so I haven’t bothered with, so haven’t tried checking the same street again to see if it persists.
Lne thing I noted, don’t know if it’s relevant, is that if I click Show on a street, then Go, the back, and then Hide, if I’m too quick the nodes stay there even if the button changes to Show. Press again to ake it Hide, press again, and now the nodes go away

Next time it happens, and you have the time / think of it, can you post the link to the activity here?
I’m expecting it’s not tied to specific activities, but :man_shrugging: just in case…

In the meantime, I’ll see if I can figure out what the magic combination of show/hide/go is that produces this error. :male_detective:

Try this one https://citystrides.com/activities/24519671 - playing with it a bit more I wonder if it is a timing thing and happens if I click to show a street and then, before that has appeared on screen, I click to show another one. By clicking on all the show links in quick succession I was able to get a whole set of messages but all of the data appeared.

Yes, that’s it. I did the same with https://citystrides.com/activities/24750195
Pressing several Show buttons quickly gives me the error

I had to turn on network throttling in my browser, but I was able to reliably reproduce it. This will be very helpful in coming up with a fix. Thanks!

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Thanks Michael! I cannot seem to replicate this error. I had thought it was just clicking through rather fast when there was heavier traffic but that was certainly a guess. And since the nodes still showed up even with the error, it was just something to ignore but I was curious about it and wasn’t sure if James was aware of it.

And since I’m on page 95 out of 103 pages of completed streets, I’m NOT going back to keep trying to duplicate the error. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I wasn’t aware of this. It was an error that was being caught & handled via that message instead of messaging out to my error catching service. :man_facepalming:

I did figure out a fix. I’m not sure if it’s the best way forward, but it works so :man_shrugging: :rocket: in the next release