Entering a Manuel Run

I have completed a few streets, but there are gates blocking the end of the road. How would I enter a completed street manually? Thank you, Tom Paolino

Hi Tom,
If you click the ‘Go’ button next to that particular street in your ‘Incomplete’ tab you will be taken to that street’s page in Citystrides.
In the box at the top left of the screen is a button ‘Mark as manually complete’.

However, it’s probably better long-term to make changes to the street in OSM. These will then be reflected in Citystrides on that city’s next update (although there may be a bug in the code at the moment that James is working on so maybe the update after the next).

There’s a guide in another thread on making changes in OSM, but essentially you need to add the gate, split the street at the gate, then change the ‘access’ to the private section to ‘private’. Citystrides will then ignore the section that is private.


Here’s a quick tutorial on adding a gate via OSM - Last Node on Street Not Reachable

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