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It looks like when you do not turn off the Garmin when the run is over, it gives a straight line back to my home from where the run, race, etc., ended, e.g., the trip back from the Orange County Marathon on May 7, 2017. This puts a lot of straight lines all over my life map. I would like to end the runs on the map so the lines will not make the map look so bad. Thanks.

You can trim the activity (remove part) in Garmin Connect, either in the app or on the web

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I tried to find where to do that on Garmin Connect and must not be tech savy enough to figure it out. What us the secret and do I delete the post in City Strides and let it reload?

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Great post! This could be a wiki entry

Good idea!
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So it has been quite a ride. Thanks to everyone who has sent along information. My problem was the line that was on the map was not in the Garmin run time or distance. I called Garmin and they told me to take off a second on the end time. I actually had to take off 3 seconds on the first one to get the line taken off. Then there was a second line and I had to add a couple of seconds to the start to get that line off. Then I deleted the sections on the profile, (it made a few new ones when I was trying to get the right amount of time), and City Strides synced with the new Garmin Connect. Now I have at least 30 corrections to make and my life map may look a lot better. Thanks again, everyone. This is a great community to be a part of.