Duplicate account

I have a second acct tied to my profile that is using map my run and I can’t figure out how to remove it. If you look at Huntersville North Carolina I am listed twice. The one using Strava is the correct one at 38.5%. I deleted my map my run acct since I don’t use it. When I look at my profile and setting is only shows Strava.

Ah, yeah, if you deleted your MapMyRun account before revoking CityStrides access then that account will just sit there forever (or until I delete it).

Is it possible to delete all my runs and just reload mapmyrun runs since everything has double. I was hoping just capture my runs previous to using strava.

There are really only two reliable options at the moment:

  • Leave everything as-is, with some duplicate activities
  • Revoke CityStrides’ access from within MapMyRun, which will delete all activities tracked with MapMyRun within CityStrides

It’s not reliable to manually delete certain activities within CityStrides, because a future account sync will just bring them all back in again. I don’t have any kind of “do not show in CityStrides” feature yet.