Dubai is almost finished and I really need help removing nodes in private areas , ports, solar panels etc. Can anyone help me do that please?

:link: My profile link : Profile - yssalaam - CityStrides Community

Hi guys, runners, hi tech people ! I only have nodes in the wrong places ( ports, solar panels, palaces) and I need to remove them so I can better complete my remaining 13%. Can anyone help me in this technical conundrum? Thanks

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Dubai link for the interested. Your CS profile is private, so we cannot see which streets you have not completed yet. Even then it is hard for a non-local to guess as to which streets would be incorrect for what reasons.

I think if you want people to be able to help by editing OSM, you’ll need to be more specific so they know what needs to be done: which streets are wrong (link to them!), why are they wrong, what is the expected result.

Alternatively, there is an OSM Basics topic in this forum where you can learn some basics about editing OSM yourself. There is also the Wiki section which has more posts with info.


Let me figure out the private / public and also look into the options you offered and revert to you. I am very grateful

Hello, I just put my settings on to public. That was step 1. Now I can listen to step 2. I am so grateful for your help and especially your patience

Sorry, we still can’t see your runs

In CityStrides go to Settings - Privacy

Okay I am thankful for the detailed help. Now does it look better ?

Sorry, no change. That is, if this is your profile page:

Aha, there are two profiles, Yasmine Salaam is the one I was looking at, but now I see yours is yasmine salaam in lower case, and that is public visible.

I made myself private from the onset for fear of being followed. I run alone so it was for safety. But then I realized that I go out so far nobody could follow me no matter


That is awesome. What is the second step? Can you also see my nodes ? Most of them are in palm and I am keeping that for last. However many others are in ports and solar panels and universities that won’t let me in and palaces

If you wanted, I think you could have kept your profile private. Like I said before, you just need to be explicit about which streets are not actually accessible streets and what the reason is.

You mentioned solar panels, so after some looking around I see this one:

PV-06 - CityStrides Is that what you mean? I can sort of guess since this one seems to be fenced off, but basically we do not know Dubai (or maybe someone does, but I definitely do not), so you would need to provide a list along the lines of

for all streets that have a good reason to not be on Citystrides.

Now I see a lot of similar ones in that particular area so you can probably abbreviate that with “all these PV-* ones” or somesuch and it will be clear enough, but unless you tell someone where to look and what to see, they won’t know what is wrong without local knowledge.

I think Ward’s suggestion in his first reply to your question, that you read the Wiki entry about OSM Basics, is a very good course of action. After all it’s always easier for someone who knows the local details to make the best updates in OSM

Correct that P6, all of them nodes are in the solar panel and must be removed . Can you please do it ??? Also near the sea, on the left side of the map, there is a huge port that I cannot access ( closed to public) there are also streets inland in that same area that are port storage and closed. There are some more Port streets by the sea, but closer to town.

There are some palace ones and university ones too. And one in a taxi company zone. Otherwise ( besides some beach roads and the Palm) all my nodes are begging to be released so they can show me where my last nodes are left

Yes yes the solar panels are begging for the Nodes to go away as is Jebel Ali Port Zone that is not allowed to the public, nor is a university, a taxi parking and a palace ! I even have a fun fair ! All those j would like the nodes to go away so as to free more nodes where I must run !

I have changed those PV-* service roads to private as well as the Road #* in that compound, whenever Dubai is next updated from OSM, they should disappear.

As mentioned before, if you want someone to help further, get links to the streets you are talking about. Go to Dubai on Citystrides, click Go on a street, copy paste the URL, tell us why it is private for every street. Your current message is not enough for me to go and find and edit things I cannot verify whatsoever.

Alternatively, look at the Wiki threads I mentioned and learn how to do it yourself, it is not hard to learn.

You have helped me so much already! I can’t wait for those nodes to disappear. Patient

If anyone else has the patience to help me remove my nodes in Dubai as I am literally stuck at 86% while still running my streets. They are stuck jammed in the port of Jebel Ali and in solar panel parks that I am not allowed to access.
Others have tried and there will be improvement made but it’s taking so so long