Dubai is almost finished and I really need help removing nodes in private areas , ports, solar panels etc. Can anyone help me do that please?

:link: My profile link : Profile - yssalaam - CityStrides Community

Hi guys, runners, hi tech people ! I only have nodes in the wrong places ( ports, solar panels, palaces) and I need to remove them so I can better complete my remaining 13%. Can anyone help me in this technical conundrum? Thanks

Dubai link for the interested. Your CS profile is private, so we cannot see which streets you have not completed yet. Even then it is hard for a non-local to guess as to which streets would be incorrect for what reasons.

I think if you want people to be able to help by editing OSM, you’ll need to be more specific so they know what needs to be done: which streets are wrong (link to them!), why are they wrong, what is the expected result.

Alternatively, there is an OSM Basics topic in this forum where you can learn some basics about editing OSM yourself. There is also the Wiki section which has more posts with info.

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Let me figure out the private / public and also look into the options you offered and revert to you. I am very grateful