Dubai is almost finished and I really need help removing nodes in private areas , ports, solar panels etc. Can anyone help me do that please?

Hello hello, great news your hard work paid off and I got a +4% improvement today as Dubai got gps fixed. The solar panels nodes were erased and I got new nodes to run after ( so much fun ).
The biggest job now would be the nodes by the ports. Ports are closed to public. Jebel Ali is the largest one ( I also have Rashid port) but if we can take care of Jebel Ali nodes it would be awesome !

Since you have a lot of changes, I think it’s best that you learn how to do it yourself, since you’re the only one with local knowledge. Please follow Ward’s advice:
There is an OSM Basics topic in this forum where you can learn some basics about editing OSM yourself. There is also the Wiki section which has more posts with info.
If you then have specific questions on how to use OSM, ask for assistance here


Dear community,
I will ask every so often for someone who knows the technology to help me out to remove nodes in the wrong places on my map. Except for one location ( Palm Jumeirah) jutting into the sea … EVERY node is in the wrong area, all restricted to me without exception

I am saving Palm Jumeirah for last run but if I can get assistance to remove the nodes my 95% of Dubai that I have conquered over 5 years will progress !

I can speak many languages but I cannot decipher technology . I am asking for assistance and will be grateful as I have been enormously grateful for the help Hans and Scott have given me ( thank you !) anybody want to step in for me?


I looked up the first page of the unfinished streets in OSM. Allthough i did 1000’s of edits in OSM, I am very hesitant to go in here with only sattelite imagery to change this. To make roads private, when this is so in real life, is not difficult to do. Check out the tutorial somewhere on this community

I can work on the ones that look straightforward. I just marked 625 - 732c private (with a link to your profile in the comments). I can’t devote a lot of time but I’ll pick away at what’s easy.

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Hello to everyone who was involved in my Dubai emirate map!

Thank you to each and everyone who helped me. Out of desperation i auto learned and managed to do the rest of the technical work, yahoo!
That brings me to 98,9% completed! I will deliberately leave the Palm Jumeirah for last run.
But I am stuck with some industrial ones that will not budge because somebody else counted them manually as run, which means they can be run but can’t because they are inaccessible.

To the technical people of Citystrides, this is when I need your help because nobody can solve this problem. The nodes that are on my map and are not the Palm please remove. And i will wait patiently and happily.

I couldnt have done this without Citystrides!

Can you a link to one of those streets? Click Go for the street, and give us the URL, should look like this

Dear Hans, thank you for your quick response. I reverted to my map and as it is slightly unpredictable, i couldnt find any more nodes elsewhere except where they should be: on the Palm waiting for me to finish them. After all, I am at 1,1% to finishing…. I think that officially amounts to some 40km…. Which i will save for a large community run when the weather improves here in October. Until then, Dubai will build more streets and keep me busy. Besides I see more streets to the naked eye that dont have nodes and that I will run by principle.
I will resort to you if my 100% encounters another technical problem. Until then, run well!


Congratulations on getting so close, Yasmine! I only see 18 uncompleted streets on your profile, all on the Palm like you said. Good news is, at least from my experience, once you get to 100% you have the badge forever even if new streets take you back down. Dubai is a huge achievement!