Deleted my run

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but have been using the map for a few years now. I went out last night and ran 6 new roads in a town about 30 minutes from house and somehow deleted my run off watch. Is there a way to manually add those roads. I see people talking obout OSM’s but not sure if that would work for me.

I did use the search but didn’t see this topic



You can add roads manually.

Probably the quickest way is to go to the city page for that city, click the tab for the incomplete streets, and find the one(s) you want. Then “Go” to (not just “Show”) that street, and there is a button to manually add it to your list of completed streets.

Thank you, I went through the steps above and it show completed. Will it show up on my map coloured in eventually?

No, I don’t believe it does. The maps only show GPS traces.