Deleted activity not reloading after 24+ hours

I mistakenly deleted an activity yesterday (July 13th), thinking it would help with the streets count when it reloaded (I know better now I have read up on the forum a bit). Other times I’ve done this, the activity has reappeared, but not this time, even with other activity added afterwards.

What’s the best way to get it to reload from Strava?



This is because I’ve stopped the daily sync in favor of a system that gets alerted of new activities. Thanks for sharing this problem - I need to account for this somehow … either a “reprocess” link beside the “delete” link or brining back the “sync now” link as some have requested.

In the meantime, I can manually resync your account tomorrow.

Thanks. I’m less likely to delete in future!

Well… keep an eye around the posts here. I think there should be some way to reprocess activities… I think it’ll be something I work on fairly soon, because it limits how the site works for a lot of people.

I’ll post here about it as I build it out, and if I need more info as I go…

I have had the same problem - I have been going back through old activities and deleting them to get them to reload and count for cities added after I joined. But now they have not come back. I am stuck between a lifetime map that has a lot of streets showing as having been run, compared to the list of completed streets and the percentage of the town done. Is there a workable way to do this?

Yeah, I definitely need to add that “reprocess” feature. In the meantime, I’ll manually sync your account tonight.

So is there a way I can get all of the old activities to show up on the completed streets list? They show up on the lifetime map, but not as completed streets. This seems to be everything that I ran before the city was added and that I had not yet manually deleted so it would be added back.

There’s nothing you can do right now, but this is at the top of my list - I hope to have this resolved very soon.
Sorry for the trouble!

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I’ll try to be patient. I love Citystrides and I am always amazed by the effort you have put into this. It is really a project you should be proud of!

Is there a way to reprocess deleted activities automatically, or do you still have to do them manually? I deleted my activity for yesterday since the streets weren’t loading. If you need to manually do the sync do you mind doing this for my account? Would greatly appreciate that.

This sync now button was absolutely important. I am editing routes that have wild lines and points and I reload them. Or you get lines that go through the buildings.
It would be very practical to be able to pick a bad line from the lifetime map, delete it and reload it, but maybe I am asking too much.

I have also deleted a Runkeeper activity, Jim (per our previous conversation), but it has not re-appeared yet.

There are two ongoing sync issues that relate to this ‘deleted activity’ issue.

  1. For Strava members: New activities are automatically alerted to me - I no longer poll Strava to sync activities, instead Strava alerts me when you save a new activity (there are no ‘update’ alerts yet). There is a problem here where private activities are not triggering the alert to me. I am working with Strava support on this now (it’s entirely possible that the problem is on my side).
  2. For Runkeeper members: They recently changed their API to drastically reduce the number of calls that I can make to them. Luckily, it’s a per-user limit, so it should not affect how CityStrides grows. I already have a fix that I believe should sort this out, and I hope to get this released soon. The main drawback here is that Runkeeper syncing is going to be incredibly painfully ridiculously slow (it looks like I will only be able to sync at a rate of 5 activities per minute). There is nothing I can do about that, though.

Finally, circling back to the core issue here, I definitely need to add a ‘reprocess’ feature for activities that are updated on the tracking service & then should be updated in CityStrides to reflect that change. I can begin working on that after both of the larger sync issues are resolved.

I’m sending out a fix now for the private activity issue with Strava. You may need to log out & log back in again for the changes to take effect, though.

So after giving this some thought another workaround from Strava is to do the following:

  • Export GPX data from the run
  • Delete the event
  • Import the GPX data that you just exported

After doing this the activity was able to sync as I’m sure it’s viewed as a ‘new’ activity. Just a workaround for now for other people who use Strava, I’m sure/guessing this would work on Runkeeper as well.

Hello I accidentally deleted a run from Dec.4th and was wondering if youI could manually upload? Thanks!

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