Data on updates from OSM

Really like the idea of being able to subscribe for notifications when there are changes to cities that I am interested in. I have received my first notification email following an OSM data refresh for Winchester, UK (

It contains data on nodes and striders created and deleted.

I doesn’t however mention any changes to streets but I can see that the total street count for Winchester has gone from 2001 to 2006 so there is a net increase of 5 streets with this refresh.

Should there be information on street changes as well?
… and an enhancement request… when street information is included it would be terrific to be able to see the names of the streets that have been added/deleted.


There was a typo in the email, where it used the word “strider” instead of “street”. That’ll be fixed in the next release.

Including street names (and links?) would be cool, I’ll see how “expensive” it is to carry those along.


Thanks @JamesChevalier . Links would of course be great, names would allow manual check to be done. For me the key objective is that I have an easy way of understanding whether I need to go back to an area I thought was finished and having a way to take a quick look at what’s changed would do that. Way too complex to expect the system to know what areas within the city I care about so a generic list that I can look at enables me to derive the information I want. There was some discussion of information on changes at street level in this thread - Provide details on changes between OSM updates There will clearly be some complexity around how to handle multiple streets with the same name in a city. Adding another “Main Road” for example would be good to know about even though there were already some already. Also another level of complexity arises where node level changes may materially affect an existing street. If I have completed a 3 node street and it is then extended and a 4th node added … I will no longer have done sufficient nodes to be marked as complete (assuming you do that check) so the already existing street would have materially changed and it would be good to know about those as well… So, lots of great things the feature could do, but for me a simple list of the names of the newly added streets would easily deliver the majority of the value from the feature, even better if they were clickable.

Got an update mail for Stockholm today, seven streets created, six streets deleted… But with 4213 streets, and I’m at 800 exactly now, I want to know what happened, which new streets, and how come six disappeared, what happened? So it would be great to have these named… but as I like facts, lists and numbers, what I’d really want is the possibility to download a list of the streets of a city, with my complete and incomplete streets to an Excel file. I’d do that regularly, and have the possibility to compare an old list to the present state

And today a new mail on Stockholm updates,
• 352 nodes created
• 3 streets created
• 169 nodes deleted
• 4 streets deleted

So I repeat my request/question from last month :slight_smile:

I was going to say, maybe this should be submitted as an idea… But it looks like it’s already there. Maybe it just needs a few more votes, and comments?