CT city listed in state of RI

Hey there! Was monkeying around with a spreadsheet I keep, trying to get some total data for all the cities in Rhode Island. I found the city of Stonington listed within, which actually lives over in CT. It does show up in the list of CT’s cities as well.

I looked closer and noticed that a little sandbar might be shared between the two states with an OSM territorial dispute, no roads though. Is this duplication something belonging to CS or could / should I work it out in OSM? All this is just a curiosity question, nothing that requests any action, just looking to learn more about how borders and such works.

Thanks as always for the work you do!

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Looks like an OSM error. Everything else shows it as a clear border, as opposed to overlapping border. I have run into a couple other towns in CT where the border is not drawn correctly and had entire streets in the incorrect town.