CS "knows" about a street, but it has nothing to show

The street is : Liberty Drive

The odd thing is, the street is in OSM, but does not seem to be named in OSM. So how does CS know about it?

Before I add the name in OSM, I wanted to ask about this.

Here’s the activity where I ran on Liberty: https://citystrides.com/activities/15672813


Thanks, Eric

So turns out the name the city has is Liberty Hill Drive, and CS does not know about that one.

So I guess I should name it, in OSM. Agreed?

From Keller offical page: http://gis.cityofkeller.com/MyGovServices/

So I guess that means “Liberty” can be purged from CS, as there’s no way to run it!

Here’s the one you just named: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/715816614

I also found https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/846779092 and https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/622522348 but in a different section of town (and a slightly different name)

The fact that there are zero nodes is part of the recently fixed bug. The next update process will fix that.

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Cool James! I’ll have to keep an eye on that, as I might have to pick up those other Liberties!

It’s very exciting getting close to 100% for my city!

Oh, and thanks for pointing out that I’m still missing the Keller portion of Davis Blvd, which is exactly where that public piece of Liberty is.

On 10/1/20 I looked at my remaining 27 streets, and these 8 have no nodes (and open to a blue screen), in Keller - https://citystrides.com/cities/14388 :

Bates Street https://citystrides.com/streets/15177614
Bella Ridge https://citystrides.com/streets/15177613
Chisolm Tr https://citystrides.com/streets/15177608
Keller Pkwy https://citystrides.com/streets/15177609 (pretty sure I finished this one already)
Liberty Drive https://citystrides.com/streets/15177612
Montrose Drive https://citystrides.com/streets/15177611
Spicewood Court https://citystrides.com/streets/15177615
Timberland Boulevard https://citystrides.com/streets/15177610

I see the problem with “Keller Pkwy”…
There is also “Keller Parkway” https://citystrides.com/streets/3370807 , which I have completed. I recall there was a business driveway, in Keller, at the east end of Keller Parkway, that was incorrectly named named Keller p-something in OSM. So I think when I unnamed the driveway, I might have caused this problem.

PS. As of today, 10/2/20, they still open to a blue screen (ocean?). No big deal, I know an update will catch it soon. Just wanted to document it.

That is not a big blue screen. It is the ocean off of Africa. (Just keep zooming out.)

You can join the waiting list for the cruise we’re organizing. We’re all going to get within 25 meters of that spot and go running on the ship’s track.

(Seriously, this is a known bug with the early version of the update routine. It has been fixed, and when Keller is updated next, it will be fixed.)

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Cool! Thanks @fredrik.coulter, I don’t consider myself an inpatitant person, but when I’m so close to finishing Keller 100%, well I guess I’m getting antsy. :ant: :ant: :ant:

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