CS account URL in community profile

Lowest of the low priority but wanted to put my random thought out there

In a number of threads of users seeking help, James or other CS users trying to help, have to ask users to post link to their CS profile. Assuming James then uses their account number to further troubleshoot on backend if needed. Would including a new field in Community profile/preference page that has URL to their CS account help cutoff the extra back and forth to get this information? If a user doesn’t provide that URL, James or others could go to profile to get and save some time.

Typical forum encounter
User: “It’s not working”
Other helpful user: “What’s not working?”
User: “My activity.”
Other helpful user: sigh… pours self drink
Other helpful user: “Can you be more specific? Maybe include activity link?”
User: “Activity isn’t doing X action. {insert Strava/CS/Garmin/other link}”
James: “Can you include link to your CS profile? Need that too”
James: pours self finger of scotch
User: “Wut?”
James: “Share your profile link (top right menu) and I can take a look”
User: “You mean this? {inserts credit card number, mother’s maiden name, kids’ birth days and password they use on every single website}”
James: Better make this a double. Pours more scotch
User (two seconds later): “Did you fix it yet?”
James: Well this bottle is pretty much done. May as well finish it

That was a good read. :+1: I almost skipped it, as I really thought it was a copy & paste.

@Marty :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

when the “lol” is literal

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looks down at empty scotch glass
takes deep breath


This turned out to be way easier than I expected.
It’s kind of hidden, though:

  • Click your face here in the forum in the top :point_up: right :point_right: menu
  • Click your name in the menu that opens up
  • Click Preferences in the other menu that opens up
  • Click Profile in the left menu
  • Paste your link into the CityStrides Profile Link field

I have it configured to show on the little ‘card’ that appears when you click someone anywhere in the forum.

I also added a more descriptive step-by-step to the Welcome to the Community (Roadmap updated 2020-04-23)

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Might be cool if it showed up on the actual profile page too, but it wouldn’t HAVE to I guess…

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It appears just above the joined/last post/seen line :+1:

Was I blind or was it not there before and you are trying to make me look bad? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It wasn’t there before, because it wasn’t in your popup here until after I refreshed the page.


Now I see it! Cool!

Cause @JamesChevalier has shown me cake and now I want to eat it too…

  1. hyperlink it? cause it makes life nicer.
  2. data validation to make sure it is a CS URL? For science purposes, I entered a non-CS URL and it accepted it. :thinking:

While I was trying to find the documentation that showed me how to create the custom field, I came across this post - Link custom user field to external website - tips & tricks - Discourse Meta

It’s too late here to think, but I’ll return to this - it might be possible to automatically send off some of this data during forum sign in (I’m doing SSO via CityStrides) and use some of the other things in that post to make it a link

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Can I get to someone else’s page, if they added their link?
Not finding a way to do that.

When I click on your picture, I get a box with your profile. One of the lines says that your URL is Eric Wes - CityStrides. According to your profile, you’ve completed 100% of St. Pete Beach (well done), and your latest activity is in Keller, TX. I’ve driven near Keller when driving my daughter from Oklahoma City back to DeLand, but I’ve definitely been in St. Pete Beach.

I assume that’s what you’re looking for?

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Yep, when I click your pic I see your “CityStrides Profile Link:”
So I guess the other person’s page I was looking at, hadn’t added that info to their profile.

PS. I have completed Keller too, all that is left is another update. All my unfinished streets in Keller have the 0-node problem.

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