Create a CityStrides app

Agree. I love Footpath, too. And to have it suggest routes to kick off new-to-me streets, as someone else suggested – that would be awesome!

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Some relatively easy ideas:

  • It would be really nice to be able to see a list of nearby incomplete streets, sorted by distance.
  • A notification or sound for when you’ve completed a street.
  • A notification or sound for when you’re near an incomplete street.

Some hypotheticals:

  • Navigation to the nearest unfinished node of a street.
  • Being able to input a desired distance, and getting a route to optimize running incomplete streets.
  • Being able to know if you’ve completed a continuous segment of a road, even if there are more segments that don’t directly connect.
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I do not think an app would be worth the investment as I think there are a lot of opportunities on the website and people would pay to subscribe to this, even if just a website for now.

I say this because, a lot of the use cases are covered by other apps except identifying the streets I haven’t run and making a route on that.

I think it would be more beneficial to build that on the website to allow a user to create a route, like strava in explore (which just launched), and export as a GPX. Footpath allows you to import a GPX file.

I think if you do an app, it has to have a gamification angle to it. Just a lot of investment for minimal return.


The best reason for an app would be to bypass the Strava limitations.

Is the Garmin access money a one time payment or would you have to pay them regularly? I also wonder if they’d be interested in the opposite, where they incorporate your site and data to their Connect app. You’d get direct access to the data, and they get to add another seeking feature to Connect.

I guess, what would prevent them from just spinning up the same reporting since they already have all of the data CityStrides has?

Personally I don’t run with a phone; I would not want it to replace my preferred method of run tracking (Garmin watch → Garmin connect app → Strava app). That said, I think it would be smart to include features for those that do run with phones, such as being able to load a pre-planned run to phone (I actually would potentially use that feature to view the map if traveling, just wouldn’t bring with me), to see progress on a pre-planned route, notification of nearby streets one hasn’t completed, notification when a street is completed, etc. I use iOS; ideally could be available for both Android/iOS.

Unlike some others, I actually would want an app to repeat the main features available on the website, since the main point to me would be convenience/not being tied to a computer (especially if traveling). I would want to review progress towards goals, view map of completed/uncompleted streets, and also to see others’ progress. I picture a stats summary page, but also the ability to easily toggle between different cities, etc. for map view, city completion %. (Would also be fun to be able to share this with others; does not even necessarily have to be an integrated feature, if viewable on a phone, could screenshot and text any of the above to someone easily.)

One of the main things that’s missing IMO would be social features. (In general, but seems particularly relevant given the pandemic/social distancing/race cancelations/etc). Would love to have a team feature (with privacy settings to allow sharing info with just ‘friends’ or team members) with ability to work towards completing a city with a group. Maybe each team member’s completed streets show up as a different color on overlap heat map?

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Hi @Lil_P, welcome to CityStrides (or welcome to the forum posts, if you’ve already been here for some time) :grinning:

You covered a lot of great information and ideas in your post, many of which are particularly relevant to the topic of making a CityStrides app. Just wanted to highlight some existing threads that may be helpful for context of what’s already been discussed on the site. Hopefully these links can help direct some of these ideas and inquiries for further discussion in the appropriate places. Also may be helpful to check out the Searching the Forum post.

Check out the following threads on this topic:

This feature exists, and is available to subscribers (become one today!): Node Hunter. Paired with LifeMap Live, you are able to see all the uncompleted streets around you at any point in time, or you can plan routes based on the incomplete nodes from home.

This feature exists, and gives a complete list of your recently completed streets. Jim’s discussion about it is here. The page for each activity also lists the completed streets.

This is already possible without being tied to a computer: just visit on your device to access everything you’ve mentioned here.

You can share any post on CityStrides with anyone you want already! The highlighted feature below provides a link to the post. Otherwise, as you said, screenshots of anywhere on the webpage is how I share information from CityStrides with others.


There is a thread dedicated to this topic here: More Social Interaction. This would be a good place to share your ideas with other Striders and Jim, and continue this conversation.

  • Team Completion: a few others have asked about this same idea. You could post here to explore the idea further.
  • Compiled Community Map: idea to see every street in a given city done by any Strider, ever. A bit tangential to your point, but I think still related

I read most of this, thinking, “An app does not seem so exciting to me.” But then, today, I noticed something about accessing via the Edge browser on my Android phone.

When I come to CS, the thing I look at first, is my “MOST RECENT ACTIVITIES”

But when I do this on my phone, I must scroll down past all the “RECENTLY COMPLETED STREETS IN THE LAST WEEK”, and then the even longer list of “RECENTLY COMPLETED STREETS IN THE LAST MONTH”

Then I get to see “MOST RECENT ACTIVITIES”, which are mine and what I’m curious about.

I suspect this could be fixed with a new layout, by swapping the left side of the page with the right.

I should also mention that I do have the “Get the most out of CityStrides” box on my page, as I’m still waiting for this expense to be approved by my finance dept. (AKA, my wife).

Oh, by bookmarking my specific CS user page, the scrolling is less, but I do still have to scroll past the paid ad (by Google), the CS purple box, the cities I have streets in, and then I get to my most recent activities.

Page re-layout here would not be fair, as the ads help with the costs. Hopefully I’ll have funding approved, and pages will improve a little (no ads, no purple box).

Lastly, I’m trying to get a friend of mine interested in CS. Why? He is a top notch Android developer and lecturer. Even has a book or two out on the subject (not sure if #2 is published yet). I believe one even has a chapter on OSM. Only problem is, he’s more a rider than a strider, and a gravel rider at that. It’s a tough sell.

I pointed him to this post, so hopefully he can read it without signing in.

PS. The node hunter aspect is most intriguing. Being warned that I’m walking away from a node would be cool. Lately I’ve been doing streets where 1 missed node means the threshold is not met for completion. In one case, the node was on the other side of a 4 lane road with a median. OSM map problem I suspect, but I did have to go back for it. I’m trying for no manual nodes. So "YATMAN (Your About To Miss A Node) feature would be cool!

I would love an app. I currently have an Android. I’m not likely to replace my running app (Garmin, Strava) but would love to be able to pull up the map and see if i “caught the nodes” near me or help to find some of the old roads that are tracked in City Strides but are really goat paths now.
Thank you,

What functionality would you want to see in an app that isn’t currently available accessing CS through your phone’s Chrome browser?

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@libkelly1, I’m using the Firefox browser on my Android phone, and it works quite well with CS. I keep a couple tabs open, for the CS pages I want to be on.

The only thing not great about using a browser on a phone is, the order the panes are displayed for the home page (where I like to access my recent activities, on the PC).

First you have to scroll down, and past, all the recently completed streets in the last week. When you get to the bottom of that, then you have to scroll down, and past, all the recently completed streets in the last month.

The you get to your (5) most recent activities, then those who completed the most streets in the last week, then most in the last month.

So, on the phone, to see my most recent activities, I find it better to use the upper-right pull-down, and select “Profile” - Now you just have to scroll past your cities, which is a much shorter scroll than past all the streets on the home page.

Hope that helps, Eric

PS. I thought I had suggested a reorder of the homepage pane layout in Ideas - CityStrides Community , but I guess not, as I don’t see it. I guess I just thought about it, or added the idea somewhere else. I did, right above in this very same idea thread. D’OH! Maybe as more people access CS via their phones, better ideas on getting to one’s own info will emerge.

Oh, and my answer to @jpbari would be the "YATMAN (Your About To Miss A Node) feature, described above. :slight_smile:

I would use the app (on iOS) on the back end to track where I’ve run. I’d like to be able to add GPX or TCX files straight into the app to knock off the streets I’ve run. If I could upload the file directly, I wouldn’t have to wait for it to gather the data from the other source.

It would be nice if I could set how far i wanted to run, pick a starting point and it create routes for me to hit what I haven’t hit. That seems like tons of programming but just thought of the idea.

I really like the website the way it is now, just want something a little more mobile friendly for seeing what I have left to complete.

I’d much rather use an email to login rather than going through Strava/Runkeeper etc. With the changes Strava just made…not so certain they’ll be around for the long haul.

My town is small (694 streets). Truthfully after I’m done running this town, I don’t see myself using CityStrides much more. Check it occasionally if the town has made new roads, but other than that I wouldn’t have a need for it. I don’t go to other areas to run.

But if it became a place to keep track of all my data that might be a different story.

Would love to be able to pull out my phone while out mapping & check I have ran past the red dots so I know I haven’t missed any & can check my bearings

You can do that now with the website.

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Can you? I can see the red dots while running, but I can’t see my trail that I have run during this run. Not until the run is finished and downloaded. Have I missed something?

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Well it won’t show the progress of your current activity but it will show where you are on the map and what nodes you need. I misread the last comment.

My method is to use the route builder on CityStrides then send it to my garmin watch to follow. Make it easy to just glance at the watch while running for directions. I will occasionally pull out my phone to look at CityStrides map but usually its if I want to alter my route that I built.


Ok, I see! I haven’t created routes to follow, I’ve just improvised, running with the phone in my hand. But it has happened that afterwards I realized I missed a part if a road in a complex neigbourhood. Could wish for a breadcrumb trail as shown when using

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If you don’t have a GPS watch that supports it I know there are other apps that would show your breadcrumb trail as you go that you could use for tracking or just as way to check on things as you go. Runkeep/Strava for example. Before I loaded routes into my watch that has maps built in this is how I would do it.

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Adding on here. I recently saved the CityStrides webpage to my home screen on my iPhone, and it provides the feel of an app, with all the normal functionality of the website. Screen utilization is also optimized because there’s none of the Safari UI in the way. It’s been a great solution for me.

Instructions for iPhone: link
Instructions for Android: link

Sample iPhone appearance:


I also use the webpage saved on a home screen. It has some quirks but it does the job.

It would be a nice touch to improve the icon — the logo could use a little breathing space around it to match what other icons on the platform look like.